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I am an Air Force wife and mother of three precious gifts from God. I enjoy learning at home with my children, and the many adventures this life sends our way. So stop by often to visit, and check out what the Five Nomads are up to.

Friday, October 21, 2011

What I've been up to. . . .

Ahh, a moment of computer time.  A moment is about all I have these days.  What's new that is taking up my days you ask?

1.  The General has started his high school journey.  Actually I feel more like the one in the hot seat.

2.  The General is running cross country with the local school district.

3.  Bubby is now an official kindergartner.  The great thing, he really doesn't require a lot of teaching.  He's absorbed most of the information you need for kindergarten on his own.  The down side, he's the only one in the house excited about school.  He gets upset if we forget to do his workbooks.  (For example, we've been on a field trip, so I skip the seat work.).  The only other kid dorky enough to love homework around here?  That would be me, as a child.  ;)

4.  Princess is a dancing machine.  She's now up to 2 ballet classes a week, with one jazz class, and Nutcracker on the weekends.  It is a lot of time at the studio, but she loves it.  So far we seem to be able to manage as a family, so dance on my beautiful girl.

5.  Nutcracker season is here!!  Right now I'm pondering why this doesn't make me cringe and become overwhelmed.  I realize I actually find the experience enjoyable.  The benefits and joy she receives from being a part of this production far outweigh the time and effort we put in.  Of course we are at the beginning.  This may be like child birth.  As soon as it is over, you focus on the great gift, and push the pain to the back.    I haven't had to deal with the late nights and all encompassing rehearsal schedules yet.  I'll get back to you in December. . . .

6.  I am facilitating the bible study group this year.  We are studying James.  Talk about conviction.  This one isn't so deep in history and theology, but oh does it hit the heart.  Right where it needs attention.

Fortunately God gives me what I need to add these things into our home schooling journey.  I'm humbled at His confidence in my abilities, because sometimes I just feel like surely someone else would do a much better job than I can!

Happy Friday my friends.  I hope this finds you all well, and enjoying the busy corners of your world.  May God hold you close in your trials, and dance with you in your joys.  Please leave me a comment, and let me know how you are.
Until the next moment,