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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hawaii or bust.

Grandma & Grandpa-check
Pantry stocked-check
Schedules arranged-check
Emergency & help number listed-check
Bags packed-check
Kiddos prepped-check

Now all I need is my handsome husband to come home from work, and we are off. Hawaii, here we come!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tami's Tips: I'm going down the toilet with this one.

It is time for yet another installment of Tami's Tips. I know you have all been sitting on pins and needles, waiting for just a tidbit of my awesome knowledge. (Am I funny today? Maybe just annoying?)
Hold on to your hats readers, this is not an ordinary post. For some it may be a bit over the appropriate blogger edge. I apologize if you find this talk offensive. But sometimes, these things just need to be discussed.

Have you ever had problems using one of the new fangled, water saving toilets? You know the kind. The ones your children stop up on a regular basis. (See, having children is handy. You can blame embarrassing things, like a clogged toilet, on them.) I love living in a new house, but getting used to the toilets has been a plunging experience. Literally.

Here's a tip to cut down on those pesky plunging operations. When flushing after #2, hold the handle down until the water stops running into the toilet. Maybe teach the kiddos to sing the Happy Birthday or ABC song, both when flushing and washing the hands after the job.

I'd like to take credit for this golden tidbit, but I have to give credit to Greg our builder. Proper flushing of the toilets was on our new home owner tour. Greg took off the lid of the tank, and gave a demonstration. You would not believe on how much more water you can get through the bowl by simply holding the handle down those few extra seconds.

Now you might be thinking, "Yah, right. What difference does a few measley seconds of water make on the flush." I'm here to tell you. . .A LOT! Case and point, Mr. Nomad and I rarely have problems with a backed up toilet. The older kiddos who learned the ways of flushing, have significantly cut down their use of the dreaded bathroom plunger. Now poor Bubby, just hasn't gotten the hang of it. We end up plunging nearly every time that boy flushes. You know, he likes to "do the honor" himself.

So there it is. A tool to make life with water saving toilets livable. My tips have only been around a few months, and already they have gone down the toilet.

Friday, June 11, 2010

7 Quick Takes

1. The fish finally died. Fortunately we've worked through the hard part. No tears today. Now to find a place to plant him.

2. This is ballet recital weekend. Pictures tonight, rehearsal tomorrow, and recital on Sunday. The studio Princess takes lessons at is brilliant. Rather than the one recital that never ends, they do four short recitals in one day. The older dancers get a chance to show off their talent multiple times, and the younger students don't have to sit there all day. (Which really translates to this, I don't have to sit there all day! I mean little kids in dance costumes are cute. . . but not after a certain amount of time.)

3. This is also final tournament of the baseball season weekend. If things line up, there is a possibility The General may be playing his final game at the exact same time as Princess' dance recital. AGH! There is no way to be in two places at the exact same time, and it will be hard to miss the game. Recitals are once a year, I'm so sorry General. (Seriously, can you feel my momma guilt?)

4. Hawaii is only 1 1/2 weeks away. I have done very little to prepare. I still need a swimsuit, and to go through my closet and make sure I have the right clothes. This is a huge challenge. It is hard to imagine yourself in shorts and summer dresses when it is still only 50 degrees and raining most days. I can tell you this, I bet I'm the whitest gal on the beach!

5. My mother-in-law has viral pneumonia. This in and of itself is a concern, but add to it she and my FIL are our childcare while Mr. Nomad and I go to Hawaii. Please pray that she feels better soon. Not for me, but for her. I worry that she will push herself, not wanting to let us down.

6. Did I mention I am so very tired of the rain and cold? I wore my winter coat, jeans and gloves at the baseball game last night. . .WITH a blanket wrapped around me. The silver lining, I will appreciate the sun in Hawaii more?

7. I believe 4 is my new favorite age. I am completely smitten with Bubby. (I know I've said it before, but really he keeps getting better all the time.) In fact, I've told my mother-in-law she is not allowed to steal him when she leaves. Let me tell you, she's going to want to. Remember how I told you that came out a bit grumpy, and held on to that snarky tendency? Well, for the most part the snarky boy is gone. Left in place is a sweet little boy, who is loving and kind. He tells me I'm nice and very beautiful. Oh, how I love that boy.

That is 7, and I'm off to tackle Mount Washmore. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

:) Tami

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A lesson in life. . .

As I sit here typing, these are the things I hear in the background. (All statements from the Bubster are sad, and broken with tears in the middle.)

"I love you Blackout."

"I'm going to miss you Blackout."

"You are still breathing Blackout."

"But, he has been such a nice fish. It is just that I am going to miss him!"

Yes, our goldfish Blackout, AKA Boomer, AKA George is dying. I changed the water yesterday, and I'm not sure if I did something wrong or if it is just his time. His buddy Grace is swimming around the tank just fine. Alas, the fish is on his way out.

On the surface this is really sad. Bubby is crying and distressed. Which breaks my heart. I could have skipped this scene by flushing the fish, rushing to the pet store for a replacement, and Bubby would have been none the wiser. I could have saved him from this pain. But, I know that wouldn't be the best thing for my boy.

Losing the fish reminds me of the day we had to say goodbye to our beloved dog. For 12 years he was Mr. Nomad and my first baby. It is still hard for me to talk about that day, and I still miss that stupid dog. The silver lining (you know me, I'm the eternal half full) is the growth which comes from making our way through hard times.

Losing our dog was the hardest thing The General and Princess had ever experienced. What a beautiful parting gift it was. My furry boy was able to teach my babies even though it hurts really bad, life goes on. That you will experience happiness again, and how to cope with hurt. They relied heavily on our family love, and their faith. The first thing The General asked was for a family prayer.

So today as my sweet Bubby mourns the goldfish, I am grateful for this life lesson. It has sparked a discussion on eternal life, heaven and Bubby's biggest fear: separation from us. He only remembers that his buddy went away, and he can't stop by heaven to visit. Today I remind him that if we have faith, we will all rejoice in heaven together. (It is also a great reminder for me. Stay on the path Tami, make good choices, place God first. Eternity will be so sweet with my babies.) This is a big relief for him. He whimpered in my arms, "When I'm 100, and I go up to heaven, will you still hold me?"

"Yes, my sweet boy, Mommy will hold you forever. . ."

I will hold him forever. Maybe not in my arms, but in my heart. More importantly God is holding my boy, and His love is even better than mine!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Could it be??

What is this bright light, and blue sky over head? Oh, it is the sun. It has just been such a long time since I've seen you old friend. Please stay and play with us today. Pretty please?!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A little gardening advice from Mrs. Green Thumb

Mr. Nomad and I have been working our fingers to the bone with landscaping this past week. We have made some serious progress, and are to the point of adding some pops with flowers. So today on our way home from classes, the kiddos and I stopped at Home Depot to pick up a few perennials. Driving into the parking lot I spied the most beautiful plants, I was thrilled. I grabbed a cart, loaded up a few and found the rest of the items on my list.

Meanwhile the kiddos enjoyed running up and down the empty aisles. . . (Reason 1001 to Home School, you get to run errands when others are at work or in school. So nice to have the place almost to myself.) Fortunately they ran all their energy off, and then were sitting nicely in the check out line. Bubby flirting with the nice grandmaish lady working the check out.

As I start the check out process, Grandma (who by now really likes the Nomad Kiddos) informs me my favorite plants. . .the very ones who called my name across the parking lot. . .are extremely poisonous. WHAT?!? Hmmm. . .I think, maybe she is wrong and just being dramatic. Yet if I buy them and ignore her advice, that would be rude. I decide to put them back, go home, do some research and return another day for the plants. Seriously, I've never heard anything like this before. . .surely she is wrong.

Or NOT! Yep, I came home and Googled Fox Glove. Not good. Click here to read more. Thank goodness The Nomad Kiddos were sweet, and grabbed that Grandma's attention. I mean my kiddos may get on my nerves from time to time, but poison them in the garden? NEVER!
See what I mean? Aren't they beautiful? Any suggestions on a similar looking plant? One that won't kill my babies?