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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another reason homeschooling rocks. . .

You don't have to get all spruced up for the day until you are good and ready!
This is me, quizzing the big kiddos on their American History. This was taken right after lunch. That is Princess and Bubby enjoying some bubbly play while we were schooling. The General was in our closet playing with his action figures.
I love the time we spend together learning, playing, and just enjoying one another's company. I am so grateful our family has been blessed with this opportunity.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Need a chuckle?

Yesterday morning started with our usual Tuesday routine. Religion over breakfast, quick get ready, and out the door. I dropped The General off at his classes, and was on my way to my Scripture Study (it is my guilty pleasure). When I hear Bubby's gurgled, "Mommy!" Yep, gurgled. You know what is coming. . .
I look over my shoulder, and poor Bubby is covered in vomit. I yell for Princess to help him, as he is still throwing up, and all she can manage is an, "Oh, gross. I think I'm going to be sick." As she is gagging and trying to open her window for air, I make a split second decision not to press this one. I'd hate to test her gag reflux.
I frantically look for a spot to pull over. NOTHING. I turn the corner, still no shoulder on the edge of the street. I zip into a neighborhood, slam on the brakes, jam the van into park, jump out, and run around to Bubby's side to help him. Poor boy was COVERED in vomit. He's crying, Princess is gagging, Calgon anyone?
Fortunately the vomiting subsided, so I calmly undress him-careful not to smear yuck all over his poor little face.
Here's where the chuckle comes in.
Since Bubby has been such a great boy, potty trained for over 1 1/2 years, I don't carry a diaper bag. Rookie mistake, I know, I know. So my little man is standing in the rain, sick and shivering. What is a mommy to do?
Thank heavens for the layered look. I take off my jacket, (the people whose neighborhood we just invaded probably think I am nuts) peel off my long sleeved t-shirt, and put it on Bubby. Now I am standing in the rain, in my tank top, in February, freezing. (Maybe, they all went to work and didn't see me? Or they work the nightshift and were still sleeping?) Princess, still trying not to lose her cookies, is staring at me with a, "have you lost your mind?" look on her face.
I rearrange the children. Bubby in Princess' booster, Princess up front (I know back is safer, but I REALLY didn't want to clean up more puke) with a cracked window for fresh air. We made it home uneventfully. Now that Bubby wasn't covered in yuck, and her stomach was safely calmed, Princess took him upstairs and bathed him. I tackled the messy clothes and car seat. (How did I do this without my big kid helpers?) As well as finding myself some more clothing.
So that's it my friends. Look for me on the news, "Crazed Mother Strips on Quiet Neighborhood Street!"
Are we having fun yet?

**This is an actual story out of the life of Momma Nomad. Bubby is feeling better, and no other children have succombed to the virus, thus far.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Teacher's Little Helper

I was over at No Heavy Lifting today, leaving a comment for Dawn, when I began bubbling over the joys of Magic School Bus. If you have elementary aged school, these little videos are gold.
Back when I was pregnant with Bubby, The General was in 3rd grade, and Princess was starting Kindergarten. Each day we would begin our school day around 8:00AM, with a break for lunch around noon. This happened to coincide with PBS' airing of Magic School Bus. My kiddos were thrilled. Initially I was a little concerned about breaking for TV mid-day. However, after a few weeks of collapsing my pregnant body on the couch, I realized two things. #1 I needed the mid-day break, and #2 it was good stuff.
I'd lay down for those 30 minutes, and get up refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the day. Which was important, as Mr. Nomad was working long days at the Pentagon. No Daddy coming home in the evening for respite. I was pretty much on my own.
After watching the program with the kiddos a few days, I realized they were learning some great science. In fact after a couple weeks, I bagged the expensive science curriculum I had purchased for The General. I left it to the fates he would be okay in science, instead focusing on other academics that year. In the spring I had him tested. Guess what?? My boy scored in the 99th percentile for science.
Now I can't attribute all of that to Magic School Bus, as we are a nerdy science family. We love nature hikes, and he lived for all of those Jeff Corwin and Steve Erwin shows when he was a younger. Animal Planet's Top 10 is still one of his favorite shows.
However, I do think the Frizz was useful. Now we tried both the videos and the books. The books were fun for experiments, but the videos explain things in a much more captivating way. You can find both the videos and books at the local library. I'm sure NetFlix or other video services may also have them on hand.
Magic School Bus was a life saver that year. Hopefully Ms. Frizzle and the rest of the gang can help out a few other mommas with lots on their plates.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

101 Wednesday: The New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism

This is my first 101 Wednesday post. I'd like to share with you my love for The New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism. I know this is pre-Vatican II, but I still love it. No, I'm not a super conservative Catholic that yearns for the mass to be said in Latin. I wish I were that knowledgeable and devout. Alas, I am just a work in progress. Maybe one day I will graduate to that uber level of wisdom. Until then, I am going to just keep on trucking. Studying our faith, and basking in the glory of our Lord.
So this is where my basking has recently been: For our daily religion I have the kiddos memorize this Catechism. I love this book, because it is laid out nicely in little chapters. Monday we read the little chapter and the corresponding Catechism. Tuesday we read the Catechism portion, explain all vocabulary/intent questions, and do half the chapter questions. (I feel it is imperative my children UNDERSTAND what they are memorizing.) Wednesday the other half of the questions, again reading the Catechism. Thursday go over Catechism, and read the Bible verses to support the Catechism. Friday more Catechism. Now the following week we practice the Catechism each day, with the goal of having that chapter's Catechism memorized by Friday.
Memorization is important to brain development, but I also think it is important for my children to have this stuff down so they can be positive defenders of our faith. So much of the Catholic Church is misunderstood, many times because we as Catholics are not well versed in our faith. The other portion which is pivotal, is my hope these treasures will be stored up in their hearts. One day they will find themselves in a difficult situation, and these little treasures will point them in the right direction. The direction of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
For some time the Catechism has been focusing on the 10 Commandments. Now we all know these, right? What I find so helpful is they explain the command in terms my children (and I) understand. For example: Thou shalt not kill. Hey, that is pretty easy. I do not go around killing anyone. . .but do I? It goes on to explain. . .
by the fifth commandment we are commanded to take proper care of our own spiritual and bodily well-being, and that of our neighbor. This forbids murder and suicide, and also fighting, anger, hatred, revenge, drunkenness, reckless driving, and bad example. --Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism 1964
Ouch. I've got some work to do.
Now the spirit of this exercise is not to condemn. That was not God's intent when he handed the tablets over to Moses. The intent, which the Israelites rejoiced over, was for these commands to be a guide to holy living. I pray these guides are as helpful to you as they have been to our family.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Where haave you beeen Taammii????

ABM stopped by looking for me. She noticed I'd been gone a while. No, I haven't been depressed about the Vikings loss. I've been a fan for years, we're used to losing. ;)

So where have I been? I'd like to say off on some exotic adventure, like my husband. Last weekend he was in Turkey again. He was able to visit the city of Taursus, and tour the home of Saint Paul. (I'm a little jealous.)

Alas my adventures have been here at home. (He's a little bit jealous.)

Let's see. . .we've had visitors. Remember that good friend we lived with last spring when we moved here? Well, the past few weeks we have been able to repay the favor. Kim was here getting her Bridal Boutique squared away. Which was nice to have company, I wasn't lonely when Mr. Nomad was away.

My mom and sisters were here a few days, and Mr. Nomad's brother also came for a long weekend. Just a few short weeks ago, I was all worried about having wasted God's gifts on our home. I think He showed me loud and clear that He is using our home to bless others. Hopefully I'll live up to His blessings.
Mr. Nomad's brother flew in on Princess' Birthday. He was a special surprise. I think she liked it, don't you?

There was the 10th Birthday Party for Princess, which was a lot of fun. She planned the party, researching games and cakes on-line. She settled on a rainbow theme. That cake nearly did me in. See the brightly colored layers? To get the vibrant colors you add Jell-O. What the blogs didn't mention was the Jell-O changes the consistency of the cake. Therefore instead of flipping out of the pan, you have to scrape it out. I was certain the cake was ruined. I was even MORE certain I would have to hit Costco for a cake as a plan B, which did not go over well with Princess. Fortunately after the layers cooled, I was able to smash them together. That and 3 or 4 tubs of frosting, and we were good to go! Looking at her birthday photos made me think back to the parties of her toddler days. You know the parties, the ones where the mommies spend the whole time running around after tons of little kids.Now they all sat properly at the table, having lunch like young ladies. Oh, my girl is growing up.

Adventure #3:
Remember back in November ABM when I said, "Eat yourself silly, and after the Christmas season we can make a pact and get healthy?" Well, I've been trying to do that very thing. I haven't really changed my diet, as we actually eat pretty healthy. (Okay, so the chocolate I sneak isn't so healthy. BUT, I'm willing to work out more so I can enjoy my chocolate. If I can't enjoy food, then what is the point?) Anyhow, instead of dieting I've been exercising. My neighbor and friend, Katie invited me to join her for P90X workouts in her garage. They are exercise videos that are pretty challenging. I'm able to do more and more each time, so I guess I am progressing. I'll have to take my measurements next week though to see how I'm really doing. The up side, I'm getting fit. The down side, it takes up my blog time!

Next up:

Bubby's hair vs. Silly Putty. Consider this a sort of public announcement. Truly an adventure. It measures right up there with the patience Saint Paul needed when he was out evangelizing.

Princess yells, "MOM! Bubbby didn't listen to me! I told him NOT to put the Silly Putty near his head, and he just smashed it into the back of his hair!"

AGH! This is NOT going to be fun. For anyone.

Luckily I was on the phone chatting with my friend. She quickly googled Silly Putty in hair. Did you know you can get it out with: 1) Rubbing Alcohol 2) Vegetable Oil or 3) Olive Oil. I went for #1. I was in the bathroom, and it was the closest product.

I think it's working. . .

Just a little bit more. . .

Whew. . .Thanks Gwen. I appreciate assistance in these family emergency situations. (Thank goodness I didn't have to cut his curls.) Bubby thanks you too! And that my friends is where I have been. Maybe not as exciting as the home of Saint Paul, but a blessed life filled with adventure none the less.