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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tami's Tips: Folex is Fantastic

ACK! Bubby and Princess had a little art session. Pretty colors, but not so much on my carpet.While not my favorite outcome, I'm not thrown into such a tizzy these days. That's because Jen introduced me to one of my closest cleaning friends: FOLEX!! (Did you hear the angels sing?)
Simply spray the spots with Folex, and blot with a damp cloth.
More blotting. No rubbing, blotting. My friend Angie told me that was very important. It has something to do with the carpet fibers, and then I heard the "wah, wah, wah, wah" from Charlie Brown. Angie is smart, so I just listen, and always BLOT!
Before you know it. . . .
GONE! (The darkness you see in the picture is just from the carpet being wet. It dried perfectly, and you can't tell a 4 year old crafted on the carpet. Ever.)

This wasn't really that big of a carpet emergency, just a bit of paint. But my friend Folex has taken Sharpie marker out of carpet more times than I care to remember. Then there was the time we were staying with our friends, and Bubby markered all over their cream carpet. And their daughters favorite stuffed animal.

I'm sorry I don't have photos of those experiences. It was back when Folex and I were just getting to know one another. I would panic, and not even think about photos for blog posting. That is until the spot was already gone. Sorry. Spots in the carpet make me a little, crazy. Yes, crazy would be the word.

Thanks Folex for returning me to sanity.

While I don't wish the "need" for Folex on you, I do hope my friend Folex can help you out if you ever find yourself in a carpet emergency.

:) Tami

Friday, September 17, 2010

7 Quick Takes for 9/17/10

Click on over to check it out, and say hello to Jen. (You know, I have to admit that sounds strange to me. I've never met Jen, we aren't bloggy buddies. I have just visited her blog on various occassions, and really liked what she had to say.)

1. I just talked to my sister, Jody Blue. GUESS WHAT?!?? She and her friend Barb are flying out to visit me! They are staying for a whole week too. Oh boy are we going to have fun!

2. We started classes this week. I didn't realize how much support just being around all of those other homeschoolers provides my psyche. Although it takes a big chunk out of our week, it is very much worth the effort at this point in the game.

3. Remember when I first moved here, and met some really nice ladies at the Catholic Homeschool Group? Guess what? I think they like me. Many of them I can call friend. They are such wonderful ladies, so full of wisdom, love and knowledge. I feel so blessed God led me to their group.

4. As I sit here typing, I hear the rain falling outside. I'd better start taking some vitamin D. If the rainy season has already begun, it could be awhile before I see my friend, Mr. Golden Sun. Oh, how I miss him when the cloudy skies prevail here in the Pacific Northwest.

5. Today the kiddos and I went to visit another family from the Catholic Homeschool Group. They live about an hour away. Even with the rain, it was such a beautiful drive. Sitting on the distant hills, the clouds, scattered here and there, were gathered in smoky clusters. While the evergreens were standing at attention, tall and majestic. It seemed as if Puget Sound kept peaking out from around each corner. God's glorious creation makes up for the rain. (Most of the time.)

6. It has become abundantly clear we are ready to move on to a whole new world of homeschooling. It is time for me to make up a lesson plan on the weekend, and then let The General and Princess learn to be responsible for getting their work done without my prompts. Sounds easy enough, right? What it takes is me giving up the micro managing control of day to day business. It also means that I need to get organized with a schedule on a weekly, rather than daily basis. Yikes. I have to admit this new phase is scary.

7. Last night we enjoyed a stop at Cold Stone Creamery ice cream before bed. It gave me such a tummy ache. So why did I just eat a piece of chocolate cake at this hour? Ugh, I'll never learn.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

We have not forgotten.

Dear Heavenly Father,
May those who perished in the 9/11 attacks rest in peace. May all of those who were left behind be folded in your love and kindness. May we all learn to follow Christ, and the goodness of that day be replicated. May the ugly hatred of that day be washed away.

Monday, September 6, 2010

1st Day of School: Traditions

The General was starting 4th grade, and Princess was a sweet little kindergarten student.
This is The General and Princess on the first day of school, back in 2005. They were helping make Sticky Buns. Sticky Buns have been a tradition of our first day of school. A fun way to start the day, and when they were younger it was a great math lesson.
In working on this post, I've had to face some hard realities. First of all, I have only 3 pictures in the past 6 years of our first day of school. (This is actually our 7th year of homeschooling, but the first year we were kind of thrown in at the last minute. So we started "traditional" school that year.) In the beginning it was all fresh and new, and I had my camera out to capture the moment. As the years progressed, no pictures. :(

Unfortunately, another not so nice tradition has crept in. That is my overwhelming feelings of doubt and guilt on the first day of school. My feeling like I'm not a good homeschooling momma. Since we used to be year round schoolers, (It is too hard to make my children school in WA during the summer. When the sun finally shines, I feel like we need to soak every last moment of it in.) we generally do not have "new" stuff in the fall. I buy supplies as we need them. So when the "official" first day rolls around, I feel all sorts of angst and inadequacy at my lack of cool first day experiences. When I give in to this, it just kind of steam rolls into an "I suck" mentality. You can imagine that really isn't healthy. Or true.
When I was blubbering about this to Mr. Nomad, he listened kindly. Gave me my moment of feeling sorry for myself, and then said, "so a field trip to Las Vegas, that wasn't cool enough?" Hmmmm. . . . . I think he has a point.
I'm guilty of the ugly comparisons. I look around and see the cool stuff everyone else is doing, but do not take the time to give myself credit for the great things I do. It reminds me of that Attitude quote I have in my side bar. Life is what I choose to make it. I can line myself up with our Lord, and have peace. (Not saying there aren't going to be challenges.) Or, I can get caught up in feeling sorry for myself.
So today on my third day of homeschooling, in this our 7th season, I will celebrate. I am celebrating the fact that at 13, my son is turning into a young man with great character. I am celebrating the fact that my daughter has a wonderful spirit, and loves to serve. I am celebrating the fact that my children love to go to Mass, and when it comes to the Eucharist, THEY GET IT!
Now Bubby, we're still working on it. He's having a hard time lately, which is probably why I let myself get a bit blue. (Consistently molding a 4 year old really wears on you after awhile.) But, my little man does get Confession. He hasn't officially received this sacrament, but he gets it. Whenever he does something wrong, you can see him cross himself, then mutter a little prayer asking Jesus to forgive him.
This experience has reminded me to zoom out, and look at the big picture. No, I'm not always good at the big splash days. But I am good at the every day. Not so much me, but God working through me. If I keep Christ at my center, and my heart open to the Holy Spirit, the fruits will continue to multiply.