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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I heart P90X!

Back in January my neighbor, K invited me over to do an exercise video. At first we started just picking out one of the many videos, and doing what we felt like that day. Then I mentioned to another friend I was trying out these P90X workouts. She began to gush. She too was doing these workouts. Only she and her husband were faithfully doing the program. That means, following the nutritional guide, and the workout schedule. Here was the hook: She was getting great results! In just a couple months she had gone down 2 sizes.

The next day I filled K in on my conversation with my friend. I announced that we were done messing around. We were going to get serious about this P90X thing. K was as intrigued as I was. (K decided to follow the nutritional guides. Mr. Nomad & I eat pretty healthy, so I decided to just go with the workouts.)

When we started the workouts, I joked my way through much of the tapes. Seriously I thought I would never be able to do it. Did I really want to do it? It is HARD! Now, the strangest thing has happened. Each day I could do a little more, and now I am feeling good. In fact, I miss the workouts when we can't exercise. (Sounds crazy, doesn't it?)

So what is so great about this program? Why does it work? I think it is the variety. P90X is a combination of toning/cardio/stretching. You lift weights, do aerobic exercises, and yoga. The main idea is that by mixing things up, it creates muscle confusion. You are out smarting your body, thus no plateaus.

Many times us ladies are good at walking/running or doing aerobic activity. However, we neglect weights because we don't want to look bulky. This is really a myth. Toning with weights is the secret weapon. It builds muscle mass, which burns more calories (thus burning fat). More muscle means we are stronger, which decreases injuries. Another added benefit, women need the weight resistance to maintain our bone mass (osteoporosis is not a pretty thing).

Now K and I made our big commitment 4 months ago, and guess what?!? It really does work! K and I have both slimmed down. K has lost over 15 pounds, and I am so happy to be back in my pre-pregnancy jeans. (So what if my baby is 4. . .I was just pacing myself. ;)

The big thing for me is maintenance. K and I agreed, this wasn't going to be a 90 day thing for us. Rather, we wanted to get fit, and then commit to staying fit. We have 2 weeks left of the Lean schedule, and then we are starting the Classic.

I'm not saying everyone should run out and buy the P90X videos. I think the most important thing is to combine some type of cardio and weight resistance training. It can be as simple as a walk in your neighborhood, followed with push ups, stomach crunches, leg lifts, lunges and arm curls. (I've done this in the past and it was very effective.) Some people love personal trainers and gyms. There are tons of great programs out there. Find the one that suits you. Personally, P90X is the one that is working for me right now.

Wish me luck. I'll keep you posted.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday after Spring Break Blues. . .

Okay, it is Monday morning. We had a wonderful time on our Spring Break. No traveling for us, but our dear friends from Charleston, SC flew in to spend a week with us. Fun was had by all. Now it is Monday. . .time to get back on track. Oh, I think I'm going to need the whole pot of coffee for this one.

On a side note: How is it every day I stayed up way too late chatting, and had the freedom to sleep in, Bubby managed to haul his little hiney out of bed around 7:00AM. . . Yet today when I need to be up and at 'em, the boy is still slumbering away past 8:00AM????

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday?

Today is the day we solemnly remember our Lord's Passion. Jesus being tortured, put to death on our behalf, and that is good?

Lent is not a time when we regretfully step back from all the fun and joy we have in life to enthusiastically pretend we are good Christians by starting a diet. Lent is a time when we remember that God invites us to true joy. God is love. All our preoccupations with anything less than what God intends for us is illusion.
--Sister Kathryn James, FSP

God is love, and He has invited us to true joy. . .now that is good.

I know many of you have wonderful plans for Easter. I pray they are blessed, and this very special time in our church year is meaningful and filled with love.

In closing I'd like to invite those of you who will be spending Easter with children to give this Easter Story Cookie recipe a try. Our Faith Formation Director sent a very similar version home with us, and we are excited to give it a whirl this year. I think it will be perfect for Bubby.

Take care my friends. I'll see you after Easter. I've got some Hot Cross Buns to finish up.