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I am an Air Force wife and mother of three precious gifts from God. I enjoy learning at home with my children, and the many adventures this life sends our way. So stop by often to visit, and check out what the Five Nomads are up to.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


For years I've avoided this public realm, despite pleas to join the blogging world. Well, I've finally been suckered. It happened like this. . . My sister Jody began a blog a few months ago. I began visiting her site, but all of my attempts to leave her feedback were futile. Finally I signed in, actually giving out my name and e-mail address--YIKES. Initially I was just joining so I could leave little messages for Jody. Then it happened, I saw my name in the profile and I was sucked in. All rationale has flown out the window and here I am.

So welcome to my blog. I plan to use this space to keep family and friends up to date on the happenings of our little Air Force family of five. As well as sharing a little about my journey of faith and raising children for Christ.

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  1. You have bee bitten by the blog bug, this is just way too much fun!! Oh the bonding we will do! It will be so fun to get and even better peek into your world!! Chat later, much love, Jody