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Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday?

Today is the day we solemnly remember our Lord's Passion. Jesus being tortured, put to death on our behalf, and that is good?

Lent is not a time when we regretfully step back from all the fun and joy we have in life to enthusiastically pretend we are good Christians by starting a diet. Lent is a time when we remember that God invites us to true joy. God is love. All our preoccupations with anything less than what God intends for us is illusion.
--Sister Kathryn James, FSP

God is love, and He has invited us to true joy. . .now that is good.

I know many of you have wonderful plans for Easter. I pray they are blessed, and this very special time in our church year is meaningful and filled with love.

In closing I'd like to invite those of you who will be spending Easter with children to give this Easter Story Cookie recipe a try. Our Faith Formation Director sent a very similar version home with us, and we are excited to give it a whirl this year. I think it will be perfect for Bubby.

Take care my friends. I'll see you after Easter. I've got some Hot Cross Buns to finish up.


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  2. Thank you ABM. Looks like the comment thingy was giving you trouble. Sorry.

    You are welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed the tip.

  3. Heehee...silly comment thingy! Feel free to delete a couple of comments. I'd do it, but the little trash cans are missing and, without them, I don't know how to.

    Happy Easter!

  4. But if I leave them, it looks like I had lots of comments! ;)

    Thanks for the Easter wishes. I hope yours was wonderful.

  5. testing to see if I can finally post comment...UGH

  6. OH BABY I'm back in business!!!!!
    HOO-HOO who cares if dinner needs to be made, laundry done, yadda...yadda...I'm going to drown myself in blog comments!!! I've not been able to comment on ##'s of blogs and you know everyone wants to know what I think!

    You impress me so much, I love your heart! Any raisins in those buns?!?!

  7. The recipe called for them, but you know my disdain for those shriveled things. As head chef, I took the liberty to leave them out.

    Welcome back! You know I do love hearing what you think.