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Monday, December 6, 2010

Ramblin' Jacks Deep Fried Pickles. .

Yummmmm. . .

Since Princess has been busy dancing up a storm, I've had to find things to fill my time. Of all the endless possibilities, my favorite activity has been the taste testing at local restaurants. (I know you are all so shocked.)

Although I have never made these myself (I have an aversion to deep frying), a friend back in DC used to treat us with this appetizer. I think dipping hamburger cut dill pickles in a cornmeal batter and deep frying is all it would take to whip up this tasty little treat. At Ramblin' Jacks they have a Dijon Mustard dipping sauce on the side. Again I say, YUMMMM!

Do you have a favorite appetizer you'd like to share?


  1. Sorry, Tami, there is nothing about any of that pickle thing that sounds any good to me except for the plain old dill pickle before any of that was done to it.

    I like raw veggies as an appetizer.

  2. Mary,
    I'm not much of a deep fried gal, but these pickles are yummy. Raw veggies are a much healthier choice. Your heart thanks you. As for my poor clogged arteries, I promise once Nutcracker is over I will decrease my restaurant food intake.

  3. I love sour stuff. Grandma H's garlic dills are to die for. Saurkraut (add some sriacha and call it kim chee). I also love deep fried stuff, but avoid it cause it is so bad for us, and too messy to make at home. You could send about 1/4 of that order my way for me to try :)

  4. That is exactly it Brenda! Because I never deep fry at home, it makes for a special treat to order this when I am out.
    As you noticed, the order is HUGE. Surprisingly enough, it actually reheats nicely in the oven. My girl and I have a bit at the restaurant, and bring the rest home to enjoy for a few days.
    You'll have to come up for a visit. I'll take you out to Ramblin' Jacks, then you can review. :)

  5. They do look mighty tasty. This may be one for the bucket list:)

  6. Yep, definitely good bucket list material.