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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Making of an Angel

Remember, WAAAYYY back in December, when there was talk of Sugar Plums Dancing in our heads? Oh the joy of Nutcracker. Princess, had a delightful time. Since January is the month that we celebrate the birth of our beautiful girl, I thought this tribute was a nice follow up.

Step 1: Hair. Can it be that my beautiful little girl no longer needs help with the ballet bun? I don't know if I should cry, or be over the moon happy with this new independence. I'll get back with you on that one. ;)

Step 2: Make-up. So fun on day one, but by the end of the show the glamour had worn off. She was pretty tired of scrubbing the gunk off each night.Step 3: Getting into the costume. Putting on the hoop and dress. Look closely at her face. She has a mesh bag over her head. It keeps the stage make-up off those beautiful white gowns. I'm telling you, the ladies that run the show are amazing. They have thought of everything, down to the tiniest detail.Steps 4&5: Halo and wings.And voila. . .Our Princess is an Angel. (That is Grandma with our girl.)We already knew this. . .It all started here. . .

Happy Birthday Princess!


  1. Fabulous post and beautiful, beautiful girl. You have a pretty pretty angel to be sure.

    Thanks for posting!

    (Now I have to think of a re-enactment) LOL

  2. Thank you Mary, I couldn't agree more. (Being the momma, I'm a little biased.)

    You are so welcome. Thanks for motivating me to dust off the old blog. It was fun to post again.

    As for the re-enactment--you are the bomb!

  3. Happy Birthday to Princess! We miss you! PS- not too late for this to be your A photo on my blog

  4. Good idea Lorri. I'm going to link right now.

  5. How did I not comment on this sooner?!? Goodness she is a gift of sweetness!! Be happy about the independence, it means you are doing your job:)