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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Where haave you beeen Taammii????

ABM stopped by looking for me. She noticed I'd been gone a while. No, I haven't been depressed about the Vikings loss. I've been a fan for years, we're used to losing. ;)

So where have I been? I'd like to say off on some exotic adventure, like my husband. Last weekend he was in Turkey again. He was able to visit the city of Taursus, and tour the home of Saint Paul. (I'm a little jealous.)

Alas my adventures have been here at home. (He's a little bit jealous.)

Let's see. . .we've had visitors. Remember that good friend we lived with last spring when we moved here? Well, the past few weeks we have been able to repay the favor. Kim was here getting her Bridal Boutique squared away. Which was nice to have company, I wasn't lonely when Mr. Nomad was away.

My mom and sisters were here a few days, and Mr. Nomad's brother also came for a long weekend. Just a few short weeks ago, I was all worried about having wasted God's gifts on our home. I think He showed me loud and clear that He is using our home to bless others. Hopefully I'll live up to His blessings.
Mr. Nomad's brother flew in on Princess' Birthday. He was a special surprise. I think she liked it, don't you?

There was the 10th Birthday Party for Princess, which was a lot of fun. She planned the party, researching games and cakes on-line. She settled on a rainbow theme. That cake nearly did me in. See the brightly colored layers? To get the vibrant colors you add Jell-O. What the blogs didn't mention was the Jell-O changes the consistency of the cake. Therefore instead of flipping out of the pan, you have to scrape it out. I was certain the cake was ruined. I was even MORE certain I would have to hit Costco for a cake as a plan B, which did not go over well with Princess. Fortunately after the layers cooled, I was able to smash them together. That and 3 or 4 tubs of frosting, and we were good to go! Looking at her birthday photos made me think back to the parties of her toddler days. You know the parties, the ones where the mommies spend the whole time running around after tons of little kids.Now they all sat properly at the table, having lunch like young ladies. Oh, my girl is growing up.

Adventure #3:
Remember back in November ABM when I said, "Eat yourself silly, and after the Christmas season we can make a pact and get healthy?" Well, I've been trying to do that very thing. I haven't really changed my diet, as we actually eat pretty healthy. (Okay, so the chocolate I sneak isn't so healthy. BUT, I'm willing to work out more so I can enjoy my chocolate. If I can't enjoy food, then what is the point?) Anyhow, instead of dieting I've been exercising. My neighbor and friend, Katie invited me to join her for P90X workouts in her garage. They are exercise videos that are pretty challenging. I'm able to do more and more each time, so I guess I am progressing. I'll have to take my measurements next week though to see how I'm really doing. The up side, I'm getting fit. The down side, it takes up my blog time!

Next up:

Bubby's hair vs. Silly Putty. Consider this a sort of public announcement. Truly an adventure. It measures right up there with the patience Saint Paul needed when he was out evangelizing.

Princess yells, "MOM! Bubbby didn't listen to me! I told him NOT to put the Silly Putty near his head, and he just smashed it into the back of his hair!"

AGH! This is NOT going to be fun. For anyone.

Luckily I was on the phone chatting with my friend. She quickly googled Silly Putty in hair. Did you know you can get it out with: 1) Rubbing Alcohol 2) Vegetable Oil or 3) Olive Oil. I went for #1. I was in the bathroom, and it was the closest product.

I think it's working. . .

Just a little bit more. . .

Whew. . .Thanks Gwen. I appreciate assistance in these family emergency situations. (Thank goodness I didn't have to cut his curls.) Bubby thanks you too! And that my friends is where I have been. Maybe not as exciting as the home of Saint Paul, but a blessed life filled with adventure none the less.


  1. Glad you are back. I figured that you were busy with family stuff, but I hoped it wasn't depression over football. Welcome!

  2. There goes my silly putty. :(


  3. Ah, there you are, Tami! Wow - you HAVE been busy! A belated happy birthday to Princess. Good luck to you on the exercise program. I LOVE the new picture in your header! And, yeah, thank goodness you didn't have to cut that baby's gorgeous curls! It's good to hear from you, friend!!

  4. Thanks! So far the exercise program is going well. It is nice to have a friend to do it with.
    The family picture was taken after mass at Christmas. I'm so grateful The General isn't too cool to let his little brother wear a matching shirt.

  5. Ha. Ha. Good times! Thanks and welcome back.

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  7. What a colorful cake!! And what a sweet Mama to rescue it for her!! UGH the adventures of that silly putty...the places it has been! Absolutely love the new picture up top!!!