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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Need a chuckle?

Yesterday morning started with our usual Tuesday routine. Religion over breakfast, quick get ready, and out the door. I dropped The General off at his classes, and was on my way to my Scripture Study (it is my guilty pleasure). When I hear Bubby's gurgled, "Mommy!" Yep, gurgled. You know what is coming. . .
I look over my shoulder, and poor Bubby is covered in vomit. I yell for Princess to help him, as he is still throwing up, and all she can manage is an, "Oh, gross. I think I'm going to be sick." As she is gagging and trying to open her window for air, I make a split second decision not to press this one. I'd hate to test her gag reflux.
I frantically look for a spot to pull over. NOTHING. I turn the corner, still no shoulder on the edge of the street. I zip into a neighborhood, slam on the brakes, jam the van into park, jump out, and run around to Bubby's side to help him. Poor boy was COVERED in vomit. He's crying, Princess is gagging, Calgon anyone?
Fortunately the vomiting subsided, so I calmly undress him-careful not to smear yuck all over his poor little face.
Here's where the chuckle comes in.
Since Bubby has been such a great boy, potty trained for over 1 1/2 years, I don't carry a diaper bag. Rookie mistake, I know, I know. So my little man is standing in the rain, sick and shivering. What is a mommy to do?
Thank heavens for the layered look. I take off my jacket, (the people whose neighborhood we just invaded probably think I am nuts) peel off my long sleeved t-shirt, and put it on Bubby. Now I am standing in the rain, in my tank top, in February, freezing. (Maybe, they all went to work and didn't see me? Or they work the nightshift and were still sleeping?) Princess, still trying not to lose her cookies, is staring at me with a, "have you lost your mind?" look on her face.
I rearrange the children. Bubby in Princess' booster, Princess up front (I know back is safer, but I REALLY didn't want to clean up more puke) with a cracked window for fresh air. We made it home uneventfully. Now that Bubby wasn't covered in yuck, and her stomach was safely calmed, Princess took him upstairs and bathed him. I tackled the messy clothes and car seat. (How did I do this without my big kid helpers?) As well as finding myself some more clothing.
So that's it my friends. Look for me on the news, "Crazed Mother Strips on Quiet Neighborhood Street!"
Are we having fun yet?

**This is an actual story out of the life of Momma Nomad. Bubby is feeling better, and no other children have succombed to the virus, thus far.


  1. I'm glad to hear Bubby is doing well and that the other kids are still okay.

    I ask myself that question all.the.time.:

    how did i ever manage when my oldest 2 were little?

  2. We started off this morning with "losing cookies". Thankful for layered looks and older children. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Yes I did, and thanks! Hope the tummy bug is gone to a place far far away.

  4. That's why there was that report on CNN about stripping housewives on suburban streets. Hope everybody is feeling better.

  5. Thanks for the upchuckle, Tami!! Heehee...I just couldn't resist that one. :D

    Hope Bubby is feeling better, and that none of the other Nomads have succumbed to the bug. Keep layering those clothes, sista!!

  6. Upchuckle, now that is clever. No one else has been ill, YIPPEE!

  7. This bug is covering the entire west coast! It caught Desi sitting on the potty with a bucket in her lap a couple of weeks ago. The younger ones seem more affected than the older kids.

    This winter I got real smart after that sneaker wave got us on the beach. I took an old duffle bag, filled it with a change for every one and I keep it in the wagon. And we USED it, more than once.

    Hope the little guy feels better quickly!

  8. Brenda,
    That is a great idea, especially since we are back in hiking country. Especially when we hike down to the Sound. My children cannot get near water without getting wet.