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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tami's Tips- Volume 1: Are your piggies ready?

If I were Mary or Dawn, I'd have a really cool logo to go with my new idea. Alas, it is just me, Tami. What you see, is what you get. Nothing fancy, but sent out with the best of intentions. So this in my new idea. I love learning, and picking peoples' brains for improving my life. What I love even more than that is sharing the things I learn. If it makes my life easier, better, happier, etc. . .surely someone else might benefit from this little tidbit. In honor of the pay it forward of advice, each week I'm going to share a tip I've learned.
Tami's Tip #1: Preparing the Piggies
With spring in the air, warm weather and summer sandals are just around the corner. Now if your poor piggies are anything like mine, they are looking a bit neglected right about now. Seriously, who needs cute feet when they are in socks 23 3/4 hours of the day? Well, a few weeks ago when I was getting out of the shower, I noticed my heels were all cracked and not so attractive. Is this what 40 means? My feet are going to heck in a hand basket?

My solution? Before bed each night I've been slathering my feet and hands with lotion. Nothing fancy, just the Target brand aloe and lanolin. I massage a generous amount of lotion around my feet and ankles, then I put on some nice cozy cotton socks. After a few weeks of this, my heels are all healed up and ready for summer.

It sure beats a spendy trip to the spa for a pedicure. Now to tackle those toe nails that have been on hiatus since last fall. . .


  1. Tami, Tami, Tami, (she sighs) it is Dawn, not I who is good with the computer, blog stuff. Anybody could do what I did. I took a picture and typed words on it and called it a button. I am barely able to post and ABM taught me how to do links.

    I once tried to do a helpful hints to know and share, but I ran out of steam pretty quickly. I don't have enough knowledge or advice to share. I am looking forward to yours though. I am going to lather up those pinkies.

  2. Great idea!! I always neglect my piggies.

  3. Mary,
    I will admit that Dawn is a super whiz, but I cannot even do the picture type thingy. So in my eyes, you are impressive. :)
    As for all of my tips and knowledge, mine will run out quickly. . .BUT, I have really smart friends. That is the beauty of the plan. What I learn from others I'll pass along. Since I love learning, I'm hoping this will be good. ;)

  4. ok I don't sleep with socks, part of the contract I agreed to. I do lotion my feet. My tip to add to your tip is this, light grit sandpaper...not those fancy foot boards...just go out to your husbands wood shop and grab a sheet of 220 grit. Now if you have some serious edges to knock off grab some 100 grit use only a little then follow up with the 220, shower then lotion.

  5. Ohhh, very good advice.

    No socks, ever? Don't you freeze to death at night? Starting in late September or earlier if it is chilly, I start my winter sock campaign. My piggies barely see the light of day.