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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer. . .UGH!

I am a summer person. I love the nice warm, even hot weather. I love to wear shorts and t-shirts, go swimming, grill out, and sit out on the porch sipping ice tea. The carefree days, oh how I love them. Field trips and time to get to the fun things we don't have time for during the busy school season.
Somehow, I'm not sure what has happened, but my idea of summer is gone. In its place I have children running about the neighborhood with friends, popping in for a quick bite. No one wants to leave their friends for park days with fellow home schoolers. Then there is the grumbling over chores and school work that needs to be completed. (Yes, I'm a mean mom. I make them do some work over the summer.) Dance camp, golf clinic, piano lessons, trying to remember to sign up for swimming lessons for poor little Bubby. All of it has sucked the joy and carefree out of my summer.
Then in the same instant I feel guilt. One of the families from our Catholic Home School Group is out on the East Coast. Not one, but two of their children are having major brain surgeries. They would give anything for boring days at home, chasing after their children and all the messes.

I think my problem is I haven't found a good rhythm for summer here in the PNW. In DC the hot summer days would chase the kiddos in for a little respite from the heat in the afternoons. Then we would snuggle up and do our reading. After a bit of learning, we would reemerge from our cocoon, ready to play for the rest of the day. Out with the other children would come the other moms, and we would sip tea and knit. Or just enjoy our time together.

Maybe I'm a little homesick for my time back in DC? I know I sure do miss those friends, and the simplicity of life we shared. It is strange to think it has been 2 years already.

Maybe I'm just a little sad that my babies are growing up so fast. Instead of trips to the zoo or Puget Sound for exploring, they prefer the company of their neighborhood pals. Times are a changing here for the Nomads. Wow, I think it is time for this girl to get her new groove on!


  1. Thank you for POSTING! Yeah. I remember when my kiddo started enjoying the company of peers rather than me. We didn't homeschool, but I used to plan a lot of things for summer and then I didn't. I wish now that maybe I would have insisted, have scheduled a few more family outings as my son grew. But, you have to do what works for you.

  2. Mary,
    You are welcome. I just wish I wasn't a big old whiner! Actually writing about everything really helped me think things through.
    I realized I don't mind the friends, I do mind the fly by messes. I don't mind them being more independent, I do not enjoy their struggle to fall back into family life. Yes, you can have fun with friends. BUT, first you need to get your work done. AND, when your mom asks you do to something, NO WHINING! Alas, we are all works in progress. I need to remember that even though they are so much bigger, my kiddos are still learning and figuring things out.
    I am going to remember your advice, and start planning more family things. Friends are important, but family is our backbone. Without those strong ties, we are left drifting in the wind.

  3. Yup your entering a new phase. You will find joy in it soon, your bound to...you are just like your Grma, a "grow where you are planted" kind of person.