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Friday, July 8, 2011

F is for Fabulous

Fabulous is exactly how this dessert tastes!

Do you have a summer get together coming up?  Don't know what to bring?  Look no further, this is the perfect summer dessert.  The best part:  IT IS SO EASY!

Step 1:  Make a standard pan of brownies.  I enjoy the Betty Crocker Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix.

Step 2:  Mix 2 packages of cream cheese with one large jar of marshmallow fluff.  (I like to use my mixer, so it gets all creamy and smooth.)

Step 3:  When brownies are cooled, frost with the fluff you made in step 2.

Step 4:  Top with sliced strawberries.
(You will want to rinse and dry the berries.  If they are wet, the juice runs.  That makes it look less than fabulous.)

There you have it, a simple dessert to wow your summer guests.


Remember the letters are from The Alphabet Photography Project.  I'm woefully behind, but will do my best to catch up to my dear friend Lorri over at The Mac and Cheese Chronicles.

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  1. With the warm weather we have been having I can still get this one in before fall really hits, yeah!!