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Friday, May 15, 2009

Eucharistic discussion with the kiddos.

This was so great I just have to share. One of our recent religion lessons sparked a very nice discussion about the Eucharist. The big kiddos have had their First Holy Communion, and are able to share in the Eucharist each week. Unfortunately they don't let three-year-olds into the class, much to Bubby's displeasure. He wants, "some of that body too!" Fortunately we have been able to stave him off with the beauty of the blessing. So all of you Eucharistic Ministers out there, if you see a small boy coming to you with his little arms crossed. . .please, oh please give him a blessing. It really breaks his heart when he is passed over. Sorry, I digressed.

On to the story. . .we were talking about our experience with the Eucharist, and The General and Princess began saying why they love going to mass each week. They love the Eucharist. Here's a direct quote that brings tears to this Catholic momma's eyes: "I love it because when you take the Eucharist in, you feel Christ. It is a warm, glowy feeling right here (they point to their heart)."

I know I have shared this before, but it is worthy of saying again, and again. God does not give children for us to impart our wonderful knowledge to the next generation. God gives us children to raise us up. Motherhood has been that for me. I am such a better person now than I was 12 years ago when I started this career. The General has taught me patience and to appreciate and celebrate every one's special gifts. Princess has taught me to control my anger. Bubby, well we are still a work in progress. I know my faith has and continues to deepen with each passing year, each new lesson.

There it is!! This is why I continue to give up my autonomy, a social life and lunches or coffees to homeschool my children. Without homeschooling, I know we would not be having this level of religious education or spiritual discussion. I'm not saying others haven't or do not do a good job raising children in school. I've seen them, and I love many schooled children. They are beautiful, smart and perfect. I just know with the five personalities in this family, right now homeschooling is the best option for us.


  1. How very precious that they feel the Lord with in them--out of the mouths of babes. What a reminder as they grow and are challanged by this world, that they have the presence of Christ with in them. mmmmm sigh.

  2. Who would pass up the chance to bless a three-year-old? My grandparents were Eucharistic Ministers who took great joy in giving blessings on little ones!

  3. Jennifer, most are wonderful and give him a blessing. It is only at REALLY big parishes/cathedrals that they have passed him over. WHEW! Being the third child, he's not so passive about being passed over. :)