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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's raining again. . .

Okay to all of you over the years that I said it doesn't REALLY rain in Washington, it just drizzles all the time. Well, I'm sorry. . .I lied. I honestly do not remember it raining like this, but for the past few days we have had steady rain. Not the drizzle, but rain that you can hear on the roof.
Along with the rain are the cool temperatures, so it is cold and wet. Normally not really a problem for me. At this point in the game I am not sun deprived, so it isn't the weather that is getting to me. Rather it is the wardrobe issue. I am so tired of the two sweaters I packed. Would you like to see me in the green sweater with the v-neck? Or how about the lighter green funky one with the v-neck? Packing for 5 months, with 3 seasons and not an endless amount of room was a bit tricky.
I did great on space. In fact my husband, the one who always gives me a hard time about bringing everything but the kitchen sink, commended me on my low volume when we were leaving DC. Fast forward to days and days of wearing the same cool weather clothing, and I'm wishing I had my closet back.
Church is a special treat. As I was packing back in DC I thought surely by May it would be warm enough to wear some sandals. You guessed it. I am looking like a frump every Sunday, which in itself isn't so bad. However, my husband has taken to wearing a sport coat and tie to mass. Invision this: A handsome man walks into church with his three beautiful children, followed by his dumpy wife. Last week when I complained that he looked too nice. He replied, "what happened to all your fancy clothes?" Well, umm, let's see. . . maybe in a storage unit somewhere???? Lesson learned: Do not try to please your husband and impress him with your small scale packing. Heap it on, make him find more room in your overloaded cars. He may be overwhelmed, but you'll look good! :)
On the bright side, we will only be here a few more weeks before we head south to sunny Oklahoma. Maybe God is just helping me out. When I'm roasting in the heat I won't be complaining about how hot I am, rather I'll be so very happy to have more than two outfits to wear. I'll be walking into church on Sunday with my fancy sandals feeling good about life.
Again, I am sorry about the false advertising about Washington State. I honestly did not remember this kind of rain! To all my WA loving friends, do you remember heavy rain? Didn't it used to just drizzle? Have I lost my mind???


  1. It has to be a wet year, last time we--I mean you lived there and I lived vicariously threw you I don't recall steady days of rain, except a couple of times, and I know we talked about it cuz I'm an Eeyore(not depressed-just love rain on the roof). Just think of how fun it will be to have all your clothes in your very own closet, it will be worth the wait. Although I'd love to be a mouse in the corner when your new church friends discuss you. "I remember her being such a snappy dresser" or "I'm sure the Lord has humbled her heart, bless her for choosing to be frugle" Just wait til the bags of "I was going threw some things and thought of you" start rolling in!

  2. Yep...it's raining. Torrential downpours. If my garden seeds haven't been washed away, then they'll probably rot from the wet and cold. Not optimistic here at all about those seeds. But the sun is suppose to shine tomorrow, and I optimistically scheduled a play date at the park on Friday.

    I'd be going shopping if I were you. One or two new (or different--consignment or goodwill) sweaters might brighten the rainy disposition. And I'm sure you look great no matter what you wear!

  3. Jody, you make me laugh!
    Brenda, great idea about the consignment store. With the new house purchase and all the things we'll need in the fall, I am trying to be frugile. I always hate that first trip to the commissary after you move. It amazes me how much ketchup, mustard, cleaning supplies, etc. can add up so fast.