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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nature's Adventures

We've been taking advantage of the recent sunshine by getting out for some very fun hikes. The General, Princess, Flipper (our friend's little girl who frequently sounds like a dolphin), Bubby, Flipper's big brother & the CEO of our little nomadic clan. Don't you think the two extra kiddos fit in well? I'm trying to figure out how I can steal them when we leave for OK in a couple of weeks.

The gang swinging on the fence like a bunch of monkeys. That is Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains in the background.
The General penned this poem in tribute to our love of hiking.

Nature's Adventures
By: The General
On the trail we hike and go

To see nature we must be quiet and slow

Look up high in that tree

See a bird's nest built so eloquently

Wow! A flower is in the clover

Watch out so you don't tip it over

That bit, fat, ole slug, a slimy trail he weaves

Now it is time for us to leave


  1. reminded me of when we hiked with you guys and i got sick and landon said miss tami can u deal with this?
    love you guys

  2. The thing we always remember from our hiking with the Knopfs is Landon running out of control down that huge hill. All we could do is watch and wait for the crash.

  3. Yes it is. My husband has training in SW OK for the summer. Whenever it is possible we load up the family and go on an adventure. Which is how we adopted nomads as our family nickname.

  4. Where in SW OK will you be? Altus?

    If you make it up Oklahoma City way you ought to give me a holler. Maybe we could take the kids to the zoo or something. :D

  5. Yes, we'll be in good ole Altus, OK. Meetin up at the zoo would be a lot of fun. I am excellent at yelling, just ask my kiddos, so keep your ears open.

  6. I think the flower is a trillium, Wer have them growing on the N side of our house, they are an early spring flower, and are a very vintage flower. (Love Flippers pseudo) I am very partial to pictures with five kiddos in---STEAL AWAY!!!!

  7. I forgot (like thats a suprise!) to say how much I love the Generals poem. So creative, and the detail of the slug, so simply sweet. Way to go!!