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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Jody Blue

This is my sister Jody and I back in 2004. Sadly it is one of very few pictures I have of my sister and I together. Since we live so far apart, our visits are far too few. When we do finally get together we are so busy, we forget to take pictures of the two of us. Now if you could photograph the two of us on the phone. . .we'd be in business.
Today is Jody's birthday. Since I'm not as crafty with words as Jody or ABM, I've been searching the web for the perfect quote or poem to pay tribute to my sister on her special day. How do you find a poem or short quote that sums up this relationship? You see, my Jody isn't just a big sister. She is my soul mate. She is my cheerleader, my confidant. Jody is the one person in the world that knows EVERYTHING about me, and loves me just the same.

Over the years she has mentored me as a mother. Oh, my children are so lucky she was there for me. Mr. Nomad used to give me a hard time, "You didn't really call your sister and complain did you? We have ONE child, she has FIVE!" Yet my sister would listen, offer advice and help me through. Never making me feel like the idiot I was. I only hope I can mentor young mothers with as much empathy and grace as my sister mentored me.

She has provided an example of a Godly wife. Never does she jump on the "men are jerks" band wagon. Rather there is thought of how to make things better, how to examine my actions and contributions. Always, always there is prayer. My marriage has been blessed by this influence.

Most of all my sister has always prayed for my soul. When I was a young teen floundering in life, Jody came to know our Lord. Her sharing of her love and devotion to Christ made a huge impact on who I am today. She didn't just want a great relationship in this life time, she had her eye on our eternal happiness.

So Happy Birthday Jody, thank you for being the greatest big sister a girl could ask for.


  1. Oh Tami you give me far more credit than I deserve, only by the grace of a loving savior do you listen to/see the good in my life. Having said that I humbly *curtsy, fan face, fercleped* (honestly only Webster know how to really spell it cuz I googled it 6 ways til Sunday and have no clue...all that really matters is that I know how to say it and know what it means!!)Anyway what I was trying to say when I was all over come with emotion and trying not to tear up, then it was to late-cuz we both know I never let a good cry pass me by- was a humble and heartfelt thank you dear sister. I LoVe lOvE LovE lOVe you every which direction!

  2. I don't think there's a poem or quote in the world that could say it better than you just did, Tami. What a beautiful tribute to your big sister! You are so blessed to have someone like Jody in your life. And she's blessed to have you.

    Happy birthday Jody Blue! Do you wanna be my sister too? ; )

  3. Ahhh, I will never have the sister thing and THIS makes me wish I would have!! Oh, well... you are blessed!

  4. Very sweet. You both are the closest thing to sisters I've had in my life. I'm envious of the relationship you both have with all your siblings. God has blessed you with each other.

    Happy Birthday Jody. Not many October 17ths have rolled around w/o me remembering it's your day. Very sweet to have found you both again.

  5. I am a fan of JodyBlue and have been reading her for some time. What a beautiful tribute to your big sister. Do you know how rare it is to be such good friends, besides being sisters? This is one part of my life I have always felt cheated on. I have never had a sister. Like the looks of your blog.