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Friday, October 9, 2009

A test for my readers. . .

Did you notice I decorated for Halloween? The header picture was taken last year before the Nomad Clan headed out for Trick-Or-Treating. Here's the test: Although it may not seem that we are all dressed in the same theme, we are. How do our costumes go together?


  1. It all looks so great. Your background, your costumes... everything!!

  2. Buccaneers!! What a creative idea. I like your style, Mrs. Nomad! :D

  3. I asked Ave, he confirmed your the Buc's.
    You crack me up with your flashy love comments button!

  4. You are all quite impressive. So many people didn't get it last year. Trying to find a theme that a sports loving/Star Wars maniac boy, and a princess agree upon is not easy!

    Jody Blue, hey, the comment button must have worked. Look at all the nice people who dropped me a note ;)

  5. princess could be princess laya,:D lol and some one would HAVE to be chewy!

  6. I like your "I love comments" button so much that I got one for myself! Gonna see if it works for me as well as it has for you. :D