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Monday, January 25, 2010

Licking our wounds. . .

If you are a Vikings fan, you know what I'm talking about. Oh, how that game HURT! But then again, if you are a true purple and gold Vikings fan, you know the sting of defeat very well. Now the real test is here. . .if you are a TRUE fan you won't mind telling everybody how much you love your Vikings. AND you would NEVER trade them for another team. . .even if they can never quite get that elusive Super Bowl Championship. Yep, I'm a true fan. . .but it still stings.

Thank goodness I'm not Mr. Favre, now he is probably hurting a whole lot more than the rest of us today. Poor guy got pummeled yesterday. It was hard to watch.

Why was I watching? You've never heard me go on and on about football before. (Well, Jody Blue has, but that was many moons ago. You know the time when no one called me Mommy.) My boys left me. The General insisted on going to his church youth group, so I had to stay home without my football commentators to simply tell me about the game. I had forgotten how passionate I was about football, which is probably a good thing. From now on, the boys can't leave me alone during these big games. I think I scared Princess.

So to my Vikings, I have this to say: Thanks for a great season, and although yesterday's game was a bit. . .uh. . .difficult to watch, we still love you. You will always be our team. (For the record. Any little Nomad that thinks they can just jump ship and leave the Vikes will find themselves sleeping on the porch! I'm not being too harsh. We have to train those that may be faint at heart. How else do you think the Vikings have garnered such loyal fans? See above comment about our Super Bowl history.)

Go Vikings!


  1. Oh you poor THING! Yes,that game was VERY hard to watch, especially when your man Brett startd limping! We were extremely happy to see our Colts win the earlier game (was there ever any doubt?) and decided we were happy with either team winning the late game.
    I am sending you a virtual box of Kleenex . . .=)
    (FYI, my oldest had the audacity to suggest that he strongly disliked the Colts. No worries, we are retraining that brain.)

  2. Gosh, no, I care absolutely nothing about football!

  3. Was there a football game yesterday? Who played? LOL

  4. It has been a fun season for those of us who are Purple People Eaters to the core. We had a little one who walked on the dark side for a bit in the football realm(yup he wore a green and gold sweatshirt in his wee youth) it was just a phase, and we knocked, I mean he came to his senses in short order(and has since asked the dark photo of such event be stricken from the record books). Like any true Viking fans we know...theres always next year!!!

  5. I think football is a thing of the past for me. I recall being a cheerleader, and I recall many 49er games. I just don't get excited about men trying to cross a goal line with a ball anymore. I try. It's not happening. I actually walked away without blinking when the game went into overtime. Sorry they lost. I was rooting for them, in my own way.

  6. Marti,
    Good luck to your Colts. Maybe it is a good thing our Vikes pooped out. It may have been a bit awkward here in bloggy land.
    Mary, Dawn & Brenda,
    I was surprised at how excited I was about that game. I have instated a new rule. The boys are not to leave me to watch my own games. I much prefer The General to update me, while I go about my day. Laundry, cooking, baking, cleaning, playing with Bubby, blogging, walking and knitting are much higher on my priority list.
    Jody Purple,
    Well, not much more to say. . .yes, we always have next year. I'm just not sure Mr. Favre is going to still be around.

  7. Ha. Ha. It has been many a season since we got a chance to watch a football game. We are looking forward to when our children learn to appreciate the game!

  8. It was a very hard game to watch but I am glad to hear you are still the Purple fan I always knew you were! MN will be quiet next weekend, guess it is time to go ice fishing instead!

  9. Taaaaami...where aaaare yoooou...?!

  10. i had to laugh at the "sleeping on the porch" comment.

    Two of our kids became traitors and have become {shudders} cowboys fans! Somehow, you love them anyway and the years you don't have the nfl package, you even allow them to watch their game.

    Mother's love is amazing. :)