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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bubby's Take on Prayer

The other day we were shopping for our friend's little boy. He's teeny, tiny so Princess and I were oogling the preemie clothes. (I for a little gift for a dear friend, Princess for her American Girl Dolls.) As we looked at the little outfits, Bubby walks over and puts a package of diapers in our basket. I said, "Bubby, we aren't sending Baby T diapers."
"No, these aren't for T. They are for us," He confidently responded.
Me rather puzzled, "Ummm, Bubby you are potty trained. We don't need diapers."
Still very confident, Bubby explained, "Mommy, I said a prayer to Jesus. We are going to have a baby sister."
Suppressing a giggle I said, "Well, sweetie. It is a little more complex than that. The whole baby process takes longer than that."
I put the diapers back on the shelf, and returned my attention to outfit oogling. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Bubby making the sign of the cross and talking to himself. (Actually, I knew he wasn't talking to himself. He's my little prayer warrior. He talks to Jesus quite a bit, which makes this Momma's heart just about burst with joy!)
Anywho, Bubby walked back to the diapers. He picked up a package and placed them in the cart once again.
"Um, Bubby, Mommy said we don't need diapers," I informed.
He didn't skip a beat with this response, "Mommy, we are having a baby. I just said a longer prayer to Jesus!"
Oh, if only I were that confident in my prayers. What is it they say about the faith of a child? I want some of that.


  1. Oh, a spring baby will be nice! So, what are you going to name her, Tami? :D

  2. Ah...so many "I told you so" comments, so little time. Guess it was a great 2nd honeymoon.

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  4. While it was a wonderful 2nd Honeymoon, there is no baby in the works at the Nomad Pad. Only in Bubby's little mind is there a baby coming. I hope he forgets about his prayers by next spring, or he will be one sad little boy. Nah, I'll just fly him down to CO to visit you Lorri. I'm sure Bip wouldn't mind sharing his baby for a little bit.

  5. So sweet. I love his confidence, at any rate.

  6. Think about D'Mom's sweet quilt. If you still have fertility. Go for it.

  7. Mary,
    That quilt is pretty sweet.
    I just think it is funny that all of a sudden he is asking for a baby sister. Not sure where it came from, but I love that he knows to go to THE BIG GUY when he wants something.

  8. It could happen...I could give him insurance lessons;) but I'd bet his prayers would go much further!

  9. That's precious. I hope you bought the diapers!

  10. Well, I will be happy to add my prayers to Bubby's! ;-)

  11. That is just because you don't want to be the only retiree with a newborn Phil! ;) I was talkiing to a young teen, who told me her mom was SO OLD. . .guess how old she was when she gave birth? 36, yep the same age I was when I had Bubby. Made me laugh.