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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What do you think?

I'm back from my vacation. We had a great time. ABM, there was a place with a ukulele sale. . .but it was closed every time we drove by. Though, it did make me chuckle each time I saw it.

Sorry no pictures or details today, we are on the heals of vacation followed by visitors. We have had some WONDERFUL days filled with celebration of family and friends. Today I will down load pictures in between playing catch up (Around the house and blogger world. I'm so excited to stop by and see you. I've missed my bloggy friends), and prepping for the next group. Mr. Nomad and I are sort of hosting a little cousin family reunion in a few weeks.

Okay, no pictures. . .no big news. . .why the heck am I posting?

I have a question. . . If you have a dream about rowing all night, you wake up in a sweat, with your jammies soaked, do you think you could count that for your work out?

Just wondering.


  1. Rowing ALL NIGHT? absolutely count that! I bet your were flexing muscles in your sleep too (now I am picturing a puppy barking and running his legs while sleeping-sorry)--not only does it count as your work-out--it means you need a NAP to recover!

  2. I agree. Totally a workout. And having just gotten back from Hawaii, why would you need to workout anyway?

  3. Yes, it totally counts! Can't wait to see more of you. Those pesky vacations and cousins...

  4. D'Mom,
    A nap. Now that is good thinking, I wish I would have thought of that earlier today. Hmmm, I didn't consider that I was actually moving. I'll have to ask Mr. Nomad if I was in fact rowing in my sleep. Although I was awfully tired this morning.
    Bubby is a 4 year old crazy man who hasn't learned to swim, but thinks he can. This translates to momma in a swimsuit, ready to jump in to rescue an over confident boy.
    Thanks Dawn, I'm glad to hear from all of you too! Although I have to admit, I did enjoy the vacation and visit with family and friends. My in-laws are a treasure beyond compare. I hope I can be like them when I grow up.