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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bubby's Take on Wilderness Survival

While we were walking in the woods the other day, Bubby asked about getting lost. I reassured him that if he were with Princess, she would take care of him. He replied, "Yea, we'd walk in the jungle, eat bugs, AND we'd LOVE it!"
Somebody better prep the sister.


  1. Ooh bugs, sounds appetizing. I know a great recipe for sauteed ants!

    =] Princess

  2. Bubby is a glass half full kind of guy. I would look for nuts and berries myself.

  3. You would be in luck here Mary. The blackberries are ripe and YUMMY!

    Bubby can be a bit of an optismist, he takes after his momma. Generally a good trait, but I've been told a time or two the glass half full ALL THE TIME can be annoying.