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Monday, August 2, 2010

Did I just get slammed by a 4 year old?

Bubby was being a pesky little brother the other day. He was pestering The General, he was pestering me, and when I had enough I said, "You know Bubby, when you pester and act like a bugger, nobody wants to play with you!"
He responded, "Well, if the shoe fits!"


  1. If he said, "It takes one to know one." Then you would have been slammed by a four year old.

    He was just saying that the shoe fits. It is nice of you to buy him shoes that fit, don't you think?

  2. You know, I am just that kind of mommy.

    What cracks me up is where he came up with that saying in the first place. Though I am familiar with it, I rarely use that phrase.

    Oh, how little kids crack me up. Definitely the spice of life, even when they are pesky!

  3. Man, that boy is FUNNY! Kinda reminds me of my Clara - only probably not so loud and bossy. :)

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  5. LOL! I am thinking he got it from Toy Story 2. But still funny!

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  7. ABM,
    Oh no, he can be loud. . .and bossy. I don't know where he gets that from. . . Couldn't be me?
    Toy Story 2 must be it. He loves that movie, and watches it a lot.

  8. That boy is good comic relief!! I just want to follow him around for a couple of days...If I think back you were pretty funny when you were little.

  9. I'd love for you to follow him around, that would mean you were with ME!
    Aside from that, you would love it. He is very funny, and a good cuddler! He told me this morning that snuggling with Mommy and Daddy is the BEST! Yep, he's the frosting on my cake.

  10. Yeah, that's from Toy Story 2. Woody says "If the boot fits". He must have come up with the shoe part.

    :) Princess

  11. I do believe I would enjoy spending time with that boy! What a hoot!

  12. Barb,
    You definitely would. Although his strong personality can make me crazy at times, he is a hoot. He truly is the icing on our cake!