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Friday, August 13, 2010

The reality of life. . . .

It's Friday, and I said to my sister, "Ahh, Friday. I should do a 7 quick takes."

Then the reality hit. I need to. . . .

1) Clean my house: with help from the kiddos. Lucky me.

2) Stain the deck: again, with help from the children--God, please help me to be a good teacher, filled with patience--PLEASE. Don't laugh, that is a serious prayer. I'd appreciate you adding your intentions for me as well. Pretty please.

3) Go to the commissary (grocery store). This could very well be my least favorite of all activities. Hopefully there won't be too many crabby retirees there to sneer at my children. Not to worry, I've started Bubby's training in "kill them with kindness."

Seriously, who can stay grumpy with these sweet faces smiling at you?

I hope this finds you all well, and enjoying your day. May God be with you, and peace reside in your hearts.

Have a nice weekend,



  1. Gotta tell ya, there's nothing worse than showing up at the commissary when it's filled with children. We like to park our carts diagonally across the whole aisle so their mothers can't get around us. Then when the moms try to move our carts, we sneer at their children. So much fun being a retiree!!! ;)

  2. Having you for my friend to make those comments is so much fun! What makes me smile even bigger is thinking of you, the retiree with your tribe and baby bump. (I hate to break it to you, but I can't even imagine you sneering at children.)
    Seriously Lorri, there must be crabby pills they hand out at the base commissary. One time a grumpy old man yelled at Bubby, "THIS ISN'T A PLAYGROUND!"
    If my boy had been running amuck, I would have joined in the lecture, but he was just skipping nicely next to my cart.

    I would like to report that we made it through, on pay day no less, with no troubles. Bubby and I had a wonderful shopping experience, and he was tickled pink to pick out his very own gum.

  3. Oh, dear sweet Tami. YOU, run out of patience? Yes, me, too. Could you guess that?

  4. Dawn,
    Shhh, don't tell, but here is a deep embarassing secret. I stink at painting and children's art projects. The mess is too much for me. Paint splattering all over makes me want to hyperventilate.
    Luckily there are other things I'm good at. That, and God gave me a daughter who loves to do art with her little brother. The big kiddos may need therapy for the lack of fun, but Bubby is blessed. ;)

  5. Only 3 ?!? That is enough business for one day anyway! Now who could sneer at those faces, clearly the need to be killed with the kindness!

  6. Hey, those 3 were all I could handle. ;)

  7. Maybe the retirees are just meaner there, I've never met a mean retiree in the Commissary. They normally say hi and try to play with the baby, say something about the largeness of my herd and play peekaboo for the rest of the trip... I don't think I want to go to that base if they have mean retirees.
    What a 7 quick take?

  8. Kat,
    It is here!! I have enjoyed those nice experiences at other bases, so it was such an eye opener when we moved here the first time.
    But then again, it looks as if Lorri is going to start a meanie trend in CO! HA! Can you see her sneering at babies. Just thinking of it makes me chuckle.
    7 Quick Takes are a Friday thing, hosted by Jen @ Conversion Diary. It is just 7 points about your week that wouldn't be enough for seperate blog posts.