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I am an Air Force wife and mother of three precious gifts from God. I enjoy learning at home with my children, and the many adventures this life sends our way. So stop by often to visit, and check out what the Five Nomads are up to.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Now this is creative!

God has blessed me with a fair amount of talent, and for that I am truly grateful. I'm not so much a person who gets a vision, and can create something new and wonderful like Miss Shannon over at Goodness Gracious Abiding. . .her cakes are a work of art. As you can tell from my projects, I'm more of a copy cat. I will see something I like, and give it a whirl.

Now the biggest blessing comes in my sense of adventure. I may not have the slightest idea of how to do something, but I love to learn so I'll find a book, a person or whatever and get started. At the end I always add my own touches, I can't seem to simply stick to a pattern. Now I am happy with this level. Nothing to pout and hang my head about. . .or is there. . .

Fast forward a generation to my children. They come up with some of the most amazing things. The General's favorite craft supplies are duct tape and sharpie markers. He used to make tape jerseys of his favorite teams back when he was more into sports, less into Star Wars. . .those were the days ;) I will have more on his Star Wars talent in a couple of days. He's currently in the process of creating a diorama.

Yep, the hockey gloves were custom made out of masking tape. This was one of his starter jerseys, back in 2006. I cannot believe I didn't get pictures of some his more detailed ones. Bad Momma.

Remember how impressed some of you were with my last post? I have to admit I am quite pleased with the rag rug myself. However, I'd have to say what Princess did with the left over curtains has my rug trumped!

One morning she came waltzing into our little TLF (temporary living facility) bedroom with this dress on. Mr. Nomad and I could not believe our eyes. The dress is very pretty, and the matching vest for her favorite frog. . .this girl has talent!

Either Mr. Nomad's genes were chock full of talent, or I have some hidden treasures within me. Laying dormant waiting to be found? Hm mm. . .now there is something for me to think about.

What are your hidden talents? Favorite traits?


  1. I love it! Those little Nomads take after their mama...FOR SURE!

  2. So many times the joy is in the journey, especially when your learning along the way. My hidden talent is so hidden I haven't even found it yet! All kidding aside~Princess did an amazing job! That girl has vision! And the General, I have always loved his if I can think it I can make it "MOM DUCK TAPE IS ESSENTIAL TO MY SURVIVAL" You are great at letting them explore their talents, and supporting them with some of the necessary supplies.