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Monday, September 14, 2009

Painting is a lot like parenting.

Okay, you think I've gone mad. My husband does too! I was up Saturday night, or shall I say Sunday morning, until 3AM. No, no one is sick. I was finishing the painting in my kitchen area. As I was working away in the wee hours, the house was nice and quiet. I was able to do LOTS of thinking. Here's the thought that kept popping into my head: Painting is a lot like parenting.
She is nuts. . .I know that's what you're thinking. Just hear me out.
Like parenting, painting requires lots of work. You can pour over sites/books/whatever, to get short cuts and tips for the sure fire perfect outcome. Like parenting, everyone has a bit of advice to share, or a certain style that works great for them. Those tips and tools are very helpful, but what it all comes down to in the end is this: Everyone has their own unique style, and IT IS LOTS OF TIME CONSUMING HARD WORK! There is no easy button in painting or raising a family.

Yes, I did finish the kitchen. The only rooms left are the bathrooms, laundry room and our bedroom. I can see the light at the end of the never ending painting the house tunnel! Oh, does it feel good to type that!


  1. Thinkin' time is time well spent. I love it when we find those little revelations in the dailiness of living. Go Tami, Go Tami, your almost done with all that painting!

  2. Yes, I agree!! And sometimes, it's the work that I do in the middle of the night that keeps me sane. No interuptions! Plenty of quiet, and the satisfaction of a job well done!