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Friday, May 14, 2010

Giggling feet

Yesterday when we were walking out to our van, I gave Bubby a ride on the shopping cart. You know how you have them stand on the bottom, and hold onto the handle. Of course if you are giving a small boy a ride, you don't walk slowly. To make it fun and exciting, you have to run a bit. As we were running along Bubby says, "Mommy, my feet feel like they are giggling!" What a fun way to describe vibrations, giggling feet. I love little boys.


  1. Priceless! That will be one you remember always. What a darling boy, that Bubby.

  2. I agree. He is really growing into his own (he came out with an extra dose of vinegar, so it has taken a few years for the sugar to shine through. . it was worth the wait), and I am so enjoying him at 4. I could just eat him up sometimes!

  3. We see "your" van all the time around here. Saw it yesterday at the dance studio. I said to Pumpkin Girl, "Don't you wish that was really the L---'s van?". We agreed that would be the best.

  4. With the cool milk service you have, in 2 1/2 years it just may be!

  5. There is nothing like a 4 year old!!! I love it!!!

  6. I need to hear some feet giggling today.

    How is the little boy who was burned? I am still praying for him.

  7. Mary,
    3:20 AM? WHAT?? I know it is the end of the school year, but that is awfully early to start the day.
    As for the giggling feet, I could box Bubby up and send him to you. I was ready to send him off after his "pretending to go to the beach", which entailed him slathering himself with sunscreen. ("You know, so Mr. Golden Sun doesn't bite me Mom!") That would be right before I was going to tuck him in for the night. He's lucky he's so cute.
    Little Dillon is home from the hospital. His face and head are doing well, but they are waiting to see if he will need surgery for his arm. Please do continue to pray! You are so good. Thank you Mary.