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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tami's Tips: Step Away From The Computer

Okay, if your husband is out for the evening. . .and you are the responsible adult in charge of the household: STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER. It is an hour past Bubby's bedtime, but he and Princess are playing so nicely. The General is hanging out, and it is so fun to catch up on the bloggy world. Alas I need to be the mommy, and get these kiddos in bed. Good night.


  1. Okay, being irresponsible pays off sometimes. When I went up to get the kiddos tucked in for the night, they were in the middle of a group secret project. I was told, "DON'T LOOK MOM!" Hmmm. . .with a certain holiday around the corner, I'm glad I let them stay up so late. I just love those munchkins.

  2. That's what I keep telling everyone: irresponsibility and procrastination DO pay off sometimes. Otherwise people wouldn't keep being irresponsible and procrastinating. That thar is common sense!

    So, I wonder what you're getting for Mother's Day, Molly Nomad?

  3. Yeah, Molly, have they figured out your new name yet? But a little irresponsibility can be a good thing. It makes you feel as though you deserve some of that teen age angst.

  4. I have wisely decided to halt that experiment until after Mother's Day. We'll see what the secret project was all about. Something kind and sweet, I'll stick with Mom. Their favorite sports logo, I may have to go with Molly. ;)

  5. 思想與理論,貴呼先於行動,但行動較思想或理論更高貴..............................

  6. You ladies are too much fun! My procrastination tip was to not mend blown out knees in jeans...wait for summer and make them into shorts.