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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just Smile Bigger!

What do you think of the new header? This was taken after mass on Easter Sunday. Notice Bubby's puffy eyes? He wasn't too excited about the whole taking pictures thing. In the moment I gritted my teeth, pasted a smile on my face, and with as calm and sweet voice as I could muster said to the big kiddos, "Just look forward and smile big!" In my mind I was thinking, "This boy is gonna kill me yet."

At that moment in time, it was about getting one nice photo to remember Easter 2010. Now looking back over a month later, I think there are some tidbits of wisdom to hold on to.

Lesson number one, stay calm Tami. By remaining in control, and not freaking out (Who me? Never? Ha Ha Ha!) the rest of us were able to move on.

Lesson number two, it never hurts to put a smile on your face. Getting irritated and grumpy doesn't help. Think about the difference seeing a smiling face makes in your life. Seriously. A smiley baby cooing in the crib vs. screaming baby. Hmmm. . .something to think about.

Now if only I would have realized this, and embraced these life lessons years ago. I can think of several instances it would have come in handy. ;)

(I know Jody, you've been coaching me for years. I'm just a little slow.)


  1. It's a cute picture! Just remember too, that I am pretty good at Photoshop. Oh wait, I don't think you ever saw what I did for the girls' recital last year. I put a costume onto Jordan even though hers hadn't come in yet. That way we had a good pic of them in costume for the yearbook. I'm pretty sure I could stick Bubby into a family picture if needed. :)

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  3. The best advice for life: Know talented people! Thanks Lorri, I will keep this in mind. Then next time I can have a normal smile, not the pasted one. None the less, it captured that moment. In years to come we will look back and laugh. I have several Halloween pictures of Princess crying away. (Really, who wants to take pictures when you have candy to deal with?)

  4. It's a good picture. Don't you know this is completely normal---especially in our family! Look at that old family picture on FB of us older cousins, and how tormented some of us looked! My mom would say "now smile" and you had better smile or else. I recall taking pics of mine and my brother's kids. Mom plopped one of the boys down on a tire in the sun, and he started crying and she still tried to get a good picture. My lessons around picture taking were learned early. My will means a bad picture. My love and smile, means a good time for everyone.

    The lessons never end!

  5. I am taking the smile bigger lesson into life. Smile bigger. :)

  6. Brenda,
    Let me guess, there are lots of crying pictures in your past? Mom's are funny sometimes. I do agree, the good time approach works out much better.
    Hopefully your smile will even chase alligators away. :)

  7. They are plotting to put a new alligator. And spitting on me as a terrible person. I keep saying--Forgive those trespassers as they trespass against you. And the struggle is with me and my own anger. Love, smile, love, smile, I jsut keep repeating over and over, love, smile, love, smile.... It is my cross to carry.

  8. It's a lovely photo! Your smile doesn't look at all like it's 'pasted' on ;) It looks very natural lol.


  9. It's a wonderful picture, Tami. I never would have noticed Bubby's puffy eyes if you hadn't mentioned it. Even then, I have to look very hard to see it. In the Easter picture I took of all my children year before last Gus is actually crying. Yeah, when Mama gets to the point where she's saying, "You better stop crying and SMILE or I'm gonna swat your hiney," it's time to give up on getting the perfect picture and settle for reality. Reality is better anyway. :)

    Sorry I haven't been here in awhile - it's been VERY busy around here.

  10. Amanda,
    Thank you, and welcome.
    I hope the busy is lots of fun. You are more than forgiven, you know that I too go in spurts where real life takes my bloggy time. It is nice to have you stop by though!

  11. A lesson we all can learn and re learn...trust me I am in a state of perpetual relearning!