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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tami's Tips: Frozen Fruit. . .YUM

Now that some of you are enjoying warmer weather (no hope of that here in the Pacific Northwest. . .we are freezing. . .but that is a whole other post), it is getting to be ice cream season. Some of you may be trying to cut back on calories, or you may simply be trying to eat healthier. Today's tip, substitute frozen fruit for high fat/high calorie ice creams.
My favorite are frozen blueberries. They are delicious, and LOADED with lots of good nutrition. I buy these 5 lb. bags @ Costco for around $7. Another benefit, frozen fruits don't go bad in the crisper drawer.
I like to serve them up in a little bowl. One serving (3/4 cup) is only 80 calories. By serving in a smaller bowl, it makes me think I've had a whole bowl of berries.

I have friends who love smoothies, and that is a nice way to sneak in fruits and vegetables. My only concern is whenever you blend, it takes A LOT of fruit, ice cream, or whatever to make a small shake. I'm always amazed when we make brown cows, how much ice cream is in each shake. For that very reason, I shy away from drinks of the blended variety. If you HAVE to have ice cream, stick to a small scoop served in one of the cute little bowls.


  1. Sounds yummy. Why don't you come on over and we can have a bowl out by the pool:)

  2. That would be heavenly for me. I miss you girl. Oh to have a good friend at the end of the street who loves to knit, read and cook with me!
    Seriously, I'm thinking late August, early September the kiddos and I may take a road trip to visit. I'm feeling a little cagey, staying put for 9 whole months.

  3. I like to make smoothies with banana, and one or more other frozen fruits like blueberries, strawberries, or peaches. I put it all in a blender with a little milk and maybe a drop or two of vanilla, and YUM-MEE!! It's not that high in calories either. And it's filling too. I used to have one for breakfast every morning when I was doing Weight Watchers a million years ago. I lost around 60 pounds that time. Then I got pregnant and gained it all back. But I got a baby out of the deal. That's the silver lining to the fat cloud. :D

  4. Excellent tip!!

    I like that baby as silver lining thing, too!

  5. Having babies isn't the best diet plan, but like you said those babies sure are a nice silver lining.
    Jody's sister-in-law calls her stretch marks her purple heart. I like that analogy. We need to embrace our gift of motherhood, even if it means not getting down about extra pounds or sagging breasts, bums, etc. . .

  6. What I really miss about IC are those handy plastic buckets! I see my supply is dwindling, and I need those buckets for picking tomatoes!

    We buy the same blueberries from costco. And Dave really likes his raisins. But we haven't convinced Desirae to give up ice cream and candy(sugar and fat). And dang! she is resourceful. She managed to find some old marshmallows in the cupboard a few days ago.

  7. Must be a family trait Brenda. I have a couple of serious sweettooths in our house. It is really hard to get them to eat healthy. It pains me. I keep saying, "I'm only responsible until they are 18. . .then it is all them." Hopefully when they leave home they will take a few of the lessons on nutrition with them. I do worry about The General. . .he'd live on chocolate and hot dogs if I let him.

  8. oooo, Tami! Yes, but try THIS! Take your serving of frozen blueberries and adda 1/2 cup of lowfat milk. Oh my! The milk starts to freeze and then it is just LIKE ice cream! no joke!