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Friday, June 11, 2010

7 Quick Takes

1. The fish finally died. Fortunately we've worked through the hard part. No tears today. Now to find a place to plant him.

2. This is ballet recital weekend. Pictures tonight, rehearsal tomorrow, and recital on Sunday. The studio Princess takes lessons at is brilliant. Rather than the one recital that never ends, they do four short recitals in one day. The older dancers get a chance to show off their talent multiple times, and the younger students don't have to sit there all day. (Which really translates to this, I don't have to sit there all day! I mean little kids in dance costumes are cute. . . but not after a certain amount of time.)

3. This is also final tournament of the baseball season weekend. If things line up, there is a possibility The General may be playing his final game at the exact same time as Princess' dance recital. AGH! There is no way to be in two places at the exact same time, and it will be hard to miss the game. Recitals are once a year, I'm so sorry General. (Seriously, can you feel my momma guilt?)

4. Hawaii is only 1 1/2 weeks away. I have done very little to prepare. I still need a swimsuit, and to go through my closet and make sure I have the right clothes. This is a huge challenge. It is hard to imagine yourself in shorts and summer dresses when it is still only 50 degrees and raining most days. I can tell you this, I bet I'm the whitest gal on the beach!

5. My mother-in-law has viral pneumonia. This in and of itself is a concern, but add to it she and my FIL are our childcare while Mr. Nomad and I go to Hawaii. Please pray that she feels better soon. Not for me, but for her. I worry that she will push herself, not wanting to let us down.

6. Did I mention I am so very tired of the rain and cold? I wore my winter coat, jeans and gloves at the baseball game last night. . .WITH a blanket wrapped around me. The silver lining, I will appreciate the sun in Hawaii more?

7. I believe 4 is my new favorite age. I am completely smitten with Bubby. (I know I've said it before, but really he keeps getting better all the time.) In fact, I've told my mother-in-law she is not allowed to steal him when she leaves. Let me tell you, she's going to want to. Remember how I told you that came out a bit grumpy, and held on to that snarky tendency? Well, for the most part the snarky boy is gone. Left in place is a sweet little boy, who is loving and kind. He tells me I'm nice and very beautiful. Oh, how I love that boy.

That is 7, and I'm off to tackle Mount Washmore. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

:) Tami

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  1. I heart your dance studio. Pumpkin Girl was/is in both recital nights, with 4, oh yes 4, rehearsals. They didn't want anyone leaving at intermission, not even the preschoolers, but tough, I am NOT sitting through 6 hours of recital on top of all the rehearsals. I took her out at intermission tonight. And you're right, 3 and 4 year olds who really don't know what to do and are clearly following along with their off-stage teacher is cute the first couple of times only.

    OK, snark over. Hugs to Princess as she dances and good luck to The General with his game.

  2. We have recital this week as well. Our studio is very laid back and small. This recital should take 2 hrs, with an hour of prep time for us back stage moms. This year Desi has a costume change (dance and tumbling) so I get to be a backstage mom.

    Hope your MIL is feeling better soon. That bug has been making it's rounds.

    Glad to see you in bloggy land again :)

    Sorry about the fish!

  3. Oh Lorri, that just sounds painful. How do they keep the little ones (or their mommies)from going batty? I'll pass your good wishes on to my kiddos, and right back at Pumpkin Girl. I can't wait to see the pictures.

  4. Hey, you are here at the same time as me Brenda. Good luck to Desi, and you too with the backstage mom gig. I helped with hair and make up one time, it was pretty painless.

    No worries with the fish. Although I do enjoy watching them, and talking to them on occassion, it just isn't the same as a big furry dog that greets you at the door each time you come home.

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  6. Sorry about the fish, but it was probably for the best. I would do dance over game in the cold any day of the week. But cold sounds good since temps here are in the 90s.

    Enjoy Hawaii. Which island? There are a ton of fun things to do. Do some of them. If you are staying at the Hale Koa--try the mahi mahi sandwich for me. It was my favorite. (When hubby says--where do you want to go for your birthday? I always say--Hale Koa for a mahi mahi sandwich. But we never seem to do it. LOL

  7. Strange. I missed this post somehow. Ah well, I've read it now, and I'm sitting here wondering if I could maybe go to Hawaii with you and Mr. Nomad. I wouldn't be any trouble at all - I promise! Can I go, Tami...pleeeeaaase!

  8. Mary,
    We are staying on Kauaii, so no mahi mahi sandwich for me. :( I'll check and see if some of the restaurants on Kauaii have anything comparable.
    We plan to do some kayaking, hiking, eating, snorkeling and lazing about. Which reminds me I need to get to the library for a few good books. I'd better get that to-do list started.
    I'm just stuck at the thought of swimsuit shopping. Is this fun for anyone? Anyone out there love swimsuit shopping? If so, what are your tricks to enjoying this?
    I can see it now. Just you, me and Mr. Nomad strolling the beaches in the romantic moonlight. . . Would you sing us love songs? If so, you're in!

  9. You bet I'll sing you love songs!! When do we leave? :D

  10. I'd take the rain over humid heat any ol' day...we are in the midst of a midwest monsoon, I would however like it to dry up long enough to hang out some laundry.

  11. Jody Blue,
    If only we could trade weather some days. Rain and cold are so depressing, a good hot summer day makes me so happy. Shorts, swimming, grilling, playing outside all day. . .so much fun to be had in the days of summer.

    Next week, you better get your ukulele strumming.