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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Could it be??

What is this bright light, and blue sky over head? Oh, it is the sun. It has just been such a long time since I've seen you old friend. Please stay and play with us today. Pretty please?!


  1. Oh yeah!! It's gonna be a bright, bright, bright, sunshiney day! Enjoy, my friend. :D

  2. I think I was in your "neighborhood" for the last week. Rain.every.day. I lived out there about 30 years ago, so I "knew" but man! Even when the sun made a cameo appearance, it wasn't much or long and I still couldn't see the mountains in the area!

    Of course, I came home to... more rain!

    Enjoy your sunshine!

  3. So was it the sun? Did it get warm? We had crazy midwest thunder storms last night. So cold and rainy doesn't sound bad, sleeping in the gentle rain.

  4. It was cloudy with sun breaks, but at this point I will gladly take anything other than gray and rainy. Warm is a relative term. . .it did get to 60 degrees, which is warm compared to recent days. However, I was still in sweatshirt and a bit chilly. I guess I was a bit spoiled the past few years with nice heat.

    Oh, too bad you didn't see the mountains. That is by far the best part of living here. The Olympics were stunning today.

  5. We did not have sun today, but a short reprieve from the rain. The morning was....not rainy. Yesterday, just as the sun was making a brief appearance, a storm cloud got in the way and we had a down pour, while the sun was shining. So, I knew it was going to rain today.

    Dave is predicting a wet summer. At least our water bill will stay lower. The silver lining....

  6. Yes, it is nice to not worry about watering. However, I think several of the bulbs I planted this spring rotted. Of the 24 Canna bulbs I planted I have a whooping 3 plants sprouted up. None of the Calla Lilies are coming up, it is a bit depressing. To spend so much time and money on bulbs, and I've got very little to show for all my work.

  7. Hope you guys get a little sun! It's been so hot and sunny here. I think we skipped Spring and went straight to Summer. We were robbed!

  8. I LOVE the new header picture! (and the sun, too)

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  10. Phil,
    We had a little sun yesterday, but back to rain and 50's today. We went out for Pho for lunch, so that helped warm my bones a bit. Now just snuggling on the couch watching Special Agent Oso and Stanley Cup Hockey.
    Who knew we would use the fireplace in June?
    Thanks. Now I'm off to visit you. Dawn by Design is a new name. I wonder what you are up to. :)

  11. Oh, you know, WHATEVER! LOL.

  12. What? I'm not sure how that relates to the post or comments.