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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tami's Tips: I'm going down the toilet with this one.

It is time for yet another installment of Tami's Tips. I know you have all been sitting on pins and needles, waiting for just a tidbit of my awesome knowledge. (Am I funny today? Maybe just annoying?)
Hold on to your hats readers, this is not an ordinary post. For some it may be a bit over the appropriate blogger edge. I apologize if you find this talk offensive. But sometimes, these things just need to be discussed.

Have you ever had problems using one of the new fangled, water saving toilets? You know the kind. The ones your children stop up on a regular basis. (See, having children is handy. You can blame embarrassing things, like a clogged toilet, on them.) I love living in a new house, but getting used to the toilets has been a plunging experience. Literally.

Here's a tip to cut down on those pesky plunging operations. When flushing after #2, hold the handle down until the water stops running into the toilet. Maybe teach the kiddos to sing the Happy Birthday or ABC song, both when flushing and washing the hands after the job.

I'd like to take credit for this golden tidbit, but I have to give credit to Greg our builder. Proper flushing of the toilets was on our new home owner tour. Greg took off the lid of the tank, and gave a demonstration. You would not believe on how much more water you can get through the bowl by simply holding the handle down those few extra seconds.

Now you might be thinking, "Yah, right. What difference does a few measley seconds of water make on the flush." I'm here to tell you. . .A LOT! Case and point, Mr. Nomad and I rarely have problems with a backed up toilet. The older kiddos who learned the ways of flushing, have significantly cut down their use of the dreaded bathroom plunger. Now poor Bubby, just hasn't gotten the hang of it. We end up plunging nearly every time that boy flushes. You know, he likes to "do the honor" himself.

So there it is. A tool to make life with water saving toilets livable. My tips have only been around a few months, and already they have gone down the toilet.


  1. Oh, I'm so glad you shared that bit of wisdom with us, Tami. Not that I have a new water saving toilet, but a girl never knows when she might have to use the water saving facilities at someone else's house. I don't even want to imagine stopping up a friend's toilet - not that I'd ever do such a nasty thing, but I sure wouldn't put it past my younger kids. You've done a great service with this post, friend! Keep those tips comin'!

  2. I'm glad to help ABM. The idea for this was actually born from a talk with Jody Blue. We were chatting on the phone when I was plunging after Bubby. . .again!

  3. GREAT info! Thanks! :D I can share a little tip for the plunging with you..we bought a plunger from Menard's that uses those CO2 cartridges...gets the job done like nobody's business! LOL Now if you have any tips on teaching AIM I would be riveted to this screen!
    --mousey D'Mom

  4. D-mom its called the back yard:) when they can hit an ant 5 feet away they can pee in the house:)
    Tami remind me if I ever get a new throne.

  5. D'Mom,
    CO2 cartridges. . .holy cow! I bet that is rather effective. I'd be very afraid of the games my boys might try to come up with a fancy plunger like that. It would beat having to use the snake, as one friend is forced to do on occassion.
    Your boys can hit an ant from five feet? Wow, I'm impressed, and to think I am related to those talented fellows. D'Mom, that thar trainin' might work for you being in the country and all. Here with neighbors close by, I just have to continue training indoors.
    We still have aiming issues, but what has helped tremendously is teaching them to clean it up. I have Lysol wipes next to each potty. If you miss, you are responsible for cleaning it up. This system actually works pretty well.

  6. That was NOT part of our new house tour and our toilets get stopped up regularly! Thanks for the tip.

  7. I'm really talented. Thanks. . .I think. I'll assume you are complimenting me, and not making fun of me. ;)

    I'm so happy to help. It was a great tip wasn't it? I'll pass your gratitude on to Greg our builder. If that doesn't work, you can always blow it out with those CO2 plungers D'Mom was talking about.

  8. omgosh, the things I learn in bloggy land. But good information for when we come to visit! Maybe I'll bring a new fangled CO2 plunger with just in case!

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  10. So far the "holding the handle down" trick works well. For the Bubster who keeps forgetting, the old fashioned plunger does the trick. You never know though. . .better safe, than sorry.

  11. Great tip! We graduated from a plunger to an auger (not a snake) to get the job done. It gets really old, especially when Some People are out of town and Other People are preggo with sensitive noses. In one week, Boo had us down to the basement toilet. I would pay a king's ransom for just one high flow toilet!!

  12. Holding the flush for a few seconds goes a long way on avoiding massive problems due to clogged toilets. My parents taught me on totally flushing down everything in one go after I've experienced a huge clog on my toilet, an event that made us call for the plumber. Minneapolis, where my house is located, has a plumbing service nearby so there wasn't a problem in finding one.

    Learning from experience, the tips given to me by my parents and the plumber (Minnesota-based) are valuable. Toilet problems are getting easier to handle now.