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Monday, November 15, 2010

Sounds from upstairs. . .

"MMMOOOOMMMM!" Bubby yells. Next, scuffling noises are heard.

Then, "You're just a bad old pussy cat!" Bubby screams.

Hmmm. . .do you think my computer time is done?


  1. Now I'm curious......did you get a bad old pussy cat?

  2. No I didn't, but Bubby sure tried to take out his big brother. Oh Barb, you would have rolled on the floor laughing with me. Sometimes it is hard to keep a straight face when you are discipling these kiddos, especially Bubby. He is so stinking funny.

    Can you tell he's been watching Looney Tunes?

  3. Cute! That Bubby sounds like quite the character!

  4. Oh Brenda he is. Both of my boys have an extra shot of personality. As trying as it may be at times, oh the memories I'm storing up for my rocking chair days.

  5. I'm having a good laugh picturing it!
    You'll have a heap of good historical story-telling for your rocking chair days. It's probably in your genes since Jody is such a good family story-teller.

  6. We will have to put on depends when we have a story session when we are old...that boy is such good comic relief. Thanks Barb!

  7. Randi,
    Do you hear that. Buy stock in Depends. Your mom thinks we may need a few. :)