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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I've been a little crafty. . .

My friend Sheril inspired me to try my hand at this little kimono sweater, you can find the free pattern here. You know me, I couldn't stick to the pattern. I copied Sheril, who had used the multicolored cotton yarn for contrast. My friend loves this green for her little girls, but I thought it looked a bit too boyish. To make it a little more girly I simply added the crocheted flowers. I based the flowers off the Apple Blossom Pattern, which you can find here.
The original pattern is cute, the flowers were just bigger than I needed for this newborn sweater. I simply substituted double and single crochet stitches for the double treble and treble crochet. You can play around with the pattern to figure out what works best for the project you are working on.
Happy knitting & crocheting,


  1. You amaze me! Your way more creative than you let us know as kids--must have been the summer time home-ec. with Grma B

  2. You amaze me too, Tami! You're just so darn cool!!

    Waaahhh...I wanna be creative too. :(

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  4. Ahh, you are all too kind. I have to admit it is all of you who inspire me to be crafty, cook yummy meals, learn more about my faith, strive to be a better mother. I see all of you living so graciously, and it makes me want to be better. Thanks for being my friends.

  5. Ok...your's is way cuter than mine turned out. You are always so good at embellishing. I am going to start calling you everytime I finish a project and ask if you think I need to embelish. Good job.