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Saturday, June 6, 2009

When opportunity knocks. . .

Guess what?!! We are in Charleston, SC this weekend! I'm so excited.

So, how did we get here you ask? I know some of you may be thinking, "Please say you didn't make those poor children drive again!" No, no, we too have our limits of sanity. You see there is this thing in the military called traveling Space A. As one of our perks as a military family, we can "hop" onto military flights if there is space available. There are several rules and clauses to go with this (which continuously change), so it is actually not as easy as it sounds.

Anyhow, Thursday my husband came home and said, "I heard there may be a flight going to Charleston this weekend. Would you like to go?" Would I??!!

I've always wanted to take advantage of Space A, and yesterday after 17 years in the Air Force our family successfully "hopped" to Charleston, SC! It helps when you are leaving from Altus, OK. Not so many people there to compete for a space, and not a lot of people to bump you on the return flight. Not meaning to offend any OK folks, but Altus isn't really a hot spot.

Here we are in Charleston, visiting our dear friends. It is a treat beyond measure, as we thought moving to the West Coast would mean a long time before we saw them again. The icing on the cake: they have a new baby girl!

So this weekend we will be sitting on the front porch rocking, sipping Firefly and enjoying some very special time with these precious friends. God is good to me.


  1. OH I am so jealous. I hope that you have a wonderful time!

  2. What a treat!! What an adventure for your chillin's!

  3. We did! Yes, it was so much fun. I'll blog about our time tomorrow. Tonight I need to tackle the laundry and bath the little boy.