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Monday, June 15, 2009

That Bubby, he's so funny!

Bubby Funny 101:

The other day I was busy multitasking. I was chatting with my sister Jody Blue and painting Princess' nails. (Very important work indeed.) Bubby, who for some strange reason was nude, came over and begged to have his nails painted too. Wanting to have a moment to chat, I quickly painted his toe nails. (No worries it was a pale pink, Daddy's concern for Bubby's manhood is still intact.)
After finishing up my conversation with my sister, I found my nudie boy. Although I was still confused as to where his clothes had gone. You see I had already dressed him, and this whole "natural" thing is a first. Anyway, I find the naked boy and say, "Bubby you need to get your clothes on. You don't have any privacy. If someone comes to the door they might see your private areas."
Without missing a beat he replied, "Oh Mommy. I can't get dressed. I have to wait for my pedicure to dry."
That Bubby, he's so stinking funny!

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  1. We relive his visit on a regular basis--yes that boy is Bubbylicious