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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We ventured off the porch. . .

which was a lot of fun. I think my favorite part is asking for seating for 11 at restaurants. That will be 4 adults, 7 children please. Those of you with big families can appreciate the look in their eyes. What is even better is when the kiddos behave nicely.

We hit our favorite restaurants: Wild Wings, Sticky Fingers and a great seafood place right on the water. Wild Wings in downtown Charleston, SC is so fun. It is right in the heart of the market, so the ambiance is very nice. The wings are even better! YUM! Sticky Fingers is a great barbecue place. Now that Jennifer introduced us to eating pulled pork sandwiches served with the coleslaw on the sandwich, I felt like a pro when I ordered. All the different sauces to choose from, crispy fries. . .again YUMMY!

Other than eating, we did manage a few other things. The kiddos really enjoyed the stop by the candy store on the corner. They were able to watch them pull the salt water taffy. They also served gelato, so my husband was happy. He fell in love with gelato on his trips to Italy. It is always fun to see how "authentic" the gelato is (not that I would personally know--I have to live vicariously sometimes).

Next stop was Battery Park, which is down by the waterfront. You can see Fort Sumter (you know, the area where the first shots of the Civil War were fired). Best of all is the open spaces and fountains. The kiddos ran around and played in the fountain all afternoon. (Yes, we were downtown both Saturday and Sunday. You just can't get enough!) The baby was such a trooper. She was just along for the ride.

As always, our time together goes by too quickly. Before we knew it we were back on the jet headed back to OK. Fortunately the weather was good on our return, so no problems there. On our flight to Charleston, there was a thunderstorm. With lighting in the area they wouldn't let us off the plane. We sat on the ground for over 2 hours before we were able to deplane. Fortunately Bubby did well.

Overall the "hopping" experience was a great success. With only that slight hiccup at the beginning, the weekend was a blast. It was such a nice treat for the kiddos to fly in the C-17.

HMMMM, I wonder if there will be any other cool opportunities for travel???? Stay tuned.


  1. No porta potties over turned upon departure???
    Hey I wonder if I could make that gel-?? in my Cuisinart--a little internet research is in order but remind me cuz --you know the gold fish syndrome lets just call it gfs

  2. Oh, I hope you're able to do it again sometime when I'll actually be in the state. We are having a very nice time at the beach, and I did receive your text belatedly. Celebrated Jake's birthday Sunday here...can't believe he's 9.

  3. I'm so glad you are having fun. I can't believe we missed his Birthday. . .losers!

  4. Jody, not we left all bathrooms upright and in working order. I think you should try to whip up a gelato recipe. I'll remind you, that's what sisters are for :).