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Friday, June 5, 2009

Tales from the Trail.

As you know the Nomads have taken the family on the road again. This time we traveled from Washington State to Southwestern Oklahoma. Over the next week or so I will share photos and valuable data (useless trivia) we learned along the way.

I wanted to share a few of our traveling stories. You know, traveling with a toddler is so stinking funny! Keep in mind my children are crammed together in the middle row of our minivan, with their "stuff" all around. AND, this is the second LONG road trip they have enjoyed (endured) in the past couple of months.

Here we go:

"Slug Bug!"
While in WA we began playing the Slug Bug game. After one long stretch on the road, Bubby reaches over and hits The General yelling, "SLUG BUG!" (Note there were no VW Bugs remotely in the area). Being the wise little boy that he is, Bubby has figured out a way to get free slugs in with his brother. Pretend to play the game! Needless to say The General has been doing extra tutorial with his brother on vehicle identification.

"Where is my lizard?"
After one night in the hotel, we packed up the kiddos, did our final walk through to make sure no precious lovies were left behind. As we were driving off for another day of travel, The General asks, "where's my lizard Bubby was playing with last night?"
The light bulb pops on in my head, and I say, "wasn't he playing with him near the fridge?"
We turn around, I have to go get another key to get back into our room. There in the freezer the lizard was on ice. Lesson learned, when doing the final walk through remember to check ALL spaces large and small. You never know where a 3 year old is going to put a lizard to bed.

"You go over there, and I'll go over here."
One morning as we were getting ready to go to breakfast I hear Bubby talking to himself. I quietly peek around the corner. There is Bubby talking to his reflection in the mirror. He looks at himself and says, "you go over there, and I'll go over here."
Then he turns and walks a few steps, turns back and repeats to his reflection, "now I said you go there and I'll go over here."

There you have it, some of the funnies with Bubby. He's a keeper.


  1. In this neck of the woods we call them "Punch bucket". (I'm not sure why); Anyway, when the kids first the game I was explaining to them they do that when they see a (VM) "bug". I thought they understood. As were were going down the road DD shouts "Punch Bucket" and procededs to hit me. I asked her where the bug is at and she said "I don't know Mama it flew away?". Long story short, she at first thought we were looking for real bugs--(i.e. insects).

  2. That boy clearly has his mama's imagination and now The General gets to practice patience like his auntie!