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Monday, July 27, 2009


Okay, it has been awhile since I've shared Bubby's funny/sweet words. I know, I know, not everyone may love to hear me gush about my boy. But then again, it is my blog. So you'll just have to play along. ;)

First and foremost, he's been cracking us up with his southern drawl. He likes to stay in "hoe-tells" and if he agrees he says, "yea-as". It appears he has lost the ability to simply stick to one syllable, everything needs at least two. We're not quite sure how this has happened. You see, we live on the Air Force Base. The friends we've spent the most time with are from Wisconsin and Puerto Rico, yet I sense no cheese head or Spanish coming. Can you get an accent just from over hearing conversations at WalMart? Maybe it is inherit, he was conceived in the South.

Bubby Funny #2: Whenever the big kiddos get frustrated with Bubby, I tell them to remember he is only 3. So when I'm getting frustrated, he'll look at me with those little eyes and say, "but I'm 3." He's been doing this number since he was 2, so it has lost a bit of it's charm. The other day though, he upped the ante. When Mr. Nomad was scolding him, Bubby looked at his daddy and declared, "but Daddy, you prayed for me for sooo long."

Bubby Sweet: The other day I kissed his forehead as he was running out the door to ride his bike. He stopped at the door, smiled, and as he wildly rubbed his head, he declared, "I'm rubbing it in, right into my heart."

This was his first year attending Story Time at the Library. Here he is with Gerald the Giraffe. We've had so much fun going off to his little classes. Just Mommy & Bubby. We listen to the stories, enjoy crafting, and then look at the books. I think he is finally getting the concept of "borrowing" the books. It wasn't so pretty the first night we started bedtime stories and his new favorite was back on the shelves at the library.

Which takes me to Bubby Funny #3: At our last library class, it was all about music. They had a lady there playing the violin. Bubby leans over and says, "Hey, do I get to bring that violin home with me?" I mean why wouldn't they give it to him? Each time he visits he hears a story, and then they send him off with some fun treasure. He got to keep Gerald, didn't he?

As I'm quietly explaining that he DOES NOT get the violin, the lady starts asking for requests. The sweet preschool set ask for, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and Michael Row Your Boat Ashore. This is when Bubby leans over and whispers in my ear, "Mommy, can she do the Big Rock Song?" In this moment it is abundantly clear that Bubby is my third child. He is a little brother to a preteen. Instead of Jesus Loves Me, he rocks it with Toby Mac and the likes.

Oh, that Bubby, he's so funny.


  1. The things that come out of kids mouths are adorable! We just started going to the library, and I found out no summer preschool story time. What's up with that??? Desi will be in school when it starts again. Bad me for not doing this last year. It took me a while to get into the swing of the SAHM thing.

    ALL your kids are adorable!

  2. That kid is a total crack up! My kids are still doing Bubby impressions from your visit! We will all gather around the computer this evening and enjoy these Bubbyisms!