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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We had a lovely time turns into ponderings of military life.

Oh, what a nice time we had in Iowa with our family. The trip was everything we hoped for, and more. The kiddos swam and played til their hearts were content (what we had hoped for), and I was able to get out for some furniture shopping (and more). I will write more about the kiddos activities tomorrow.

Remember how I said my sister-in-law spoils the children? Well this time she spoiled me! She lined up a babysitter, and took me into Omaha. First we had a delicious lunch at Jam's (YUMMY!!), then it was on to The Nebraska Furniture Mart (WOW!). This furniture store is the biggest one in the nation, it is like Costco on steroids. Were we successful? Let's just say we may have single handedly pulled the country out of the recession (HA HA!). At least that's how my poor money saver husband is feeling.

After our first trip there, I was feeling very greedy and doubting my need for so much "stuff". Then I really started to think about the whole thing. Hmm, what can I cut out? Am I being excessive? Well, the bed. . .yep we need that. Oh yea, we do need a chair for Bubby. He's a huge 3 year-old, and the high chair is just not going to cut it much longer. As I continued on the list, feeling the need to justify spending money. It hit me. The light bulb went off. I realized that finally after 5 years of "temporary" living, the time has come.

You see, since we left Washington State 5 years ago, we've been in transit. First we moved 3 times in two years, then for 3 years we were jammed in a little base house in DC. So for the past five years, I've been saying, "when we move we can buy that." I've felt a little like a visitor in my own home since then.

I find this is the dance of military living. You are always trying to juggle the "oh it can wait until the next assignment" with "this is our life, we need to enjoy it." As I write this, it is hitting me again. We are arriving back at a spot that will hopefully feel like home. The saving and waiting period are coming to a close. I'm so excited to think we are going "home". Not to just any old place, this will be our home.


  1. So...does this mean you're retiring in WA? What about the lovely commune I'm setting up here the Springs?

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  3. And I know it will be beautiful. Can't wait to come see it!! I felt the same way about the stuff for this house (as did Tim feel the same as Mike!!). But it's so nice to be in OUR house! You will feel settled, that is, til you guys move to SC, right??? ;-)

  4. I'm not sure who zane was, and I don't advertise for products I haven't checked out myself.

  5. Hmmm, you ladies are giving me such good choices. I'm really going to have to think on this. Beach or mountains? What do you think?

  6. I got my first spam comment when I posted about my new house too. It was for window blinds or something. "DELETE"
    And we can't wait to see your beautiful house when we come to visit!
    It was great to see you, girlie!