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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Proud to be a Pear?

Okay, I was wasting time tonight (said with head hung low, cheeks blushing). Mr. Nomad is off at work, and the kiddos were outside playing. The perfect time to surf the web, and follow all of those interesting bloggy trails.

As I was clicking away, I found myself here at the Cardigan Empire. Someone along my mad clicking spree was raving about the help she received from the Empress herself, Reachel Bagley. Being the somewhat vain woman that I am, I thought to myself, "Hey, this could be an interesting rabbit trail to follow."

So I click on over to Cardigan Empire. Under the heading "The Body Types" I find cute little fruit and vegetable icons on the side bar, with sub-headings like;"soft delicious center" over an amazing apple, "Proud to be a Pear" over a very cute and yellow pear--you get the idea. I scroll down and find, "mythical Curves" over an hourglass.

Now, I don't want to sound full of myself. But I've kinda always thought of myself as the hour glass. (I'm curvy) Of course hind sight is 20/20, just stick with me here. So I click on the hour glass. Here it asks me to take my measurements. Oh, this is too easy. I have my measurements down already. (I've been working out this summer, and instead of using a scale, I've always used my measurements to gauge my success or failures. . .whatever the case may be.) They start talking about the body ratios, and it quickly becomes very clear, an hourglass I am not.

Back to the list. Hmm. . . I know I'm not the apple, I definitely have a waist. No to the lean celery-like I said, I'm a curvy girl. I guess . . I'll try. . . the pear?

I click the pear, and began reading. WHAT? I AM A PEAR? How can this be? I've always thought pears had a prominent bottom? (No offense to prominently bottomed girls.) As I read on, and began to digest this new found label, it all becomes very clear. I am indeed a pear. I should have realized this, I am a hippy girl--with a small bossum--after all.

I know you may say, "Yeah, what hips?" I have a confession. Being fully aware of my hippy issues, I am careful not to highlight that area. In fact Mr. Nomad is well versed in the, "do these jeans make my butt look big?" question. If pants make me look too wide, I don't buy them. I may miss out on the latest trends, but I don't want to advertise my weakest point.

Which is the whole point of Ms. Bagley's body types in the first place. In a nutshell, she wisely points out that we need to dress the body we are given. Not the body we dream of, or want to work for. But the one that is looking back at you in the mirror today.

So instead of lamenting over the fact that I will never look good in those adorable skirts with the fun patterns, and all those pleats. You know the ones, you wear them with a fitted shirt. Well, I need to accentuate the positive. Let the pattern be on my upper body instead of my hiney.

So after a quick morale call to my sister, Jody Blue and the last hour or so typing away. I think I am finally okay with my new found label. I am a Pear, and I'm okay with that.


  1. We never finished the conversation. I was going to say that it shocked us because you are slender, your arms, fingers, etc. Mostly when one thinks pear it is a bit of a pudgy thought, sorry pears, or of someone with saddle bags that say get on your Harley and ride into the sunset. It is good you embrace the pear, I am literally teetering between the hour glass and apple, any more of the utz cheese balls from sams club that you can buy by the barrel and its apple normandy for me!!

  2. Oh, well, I accept it, I'm an apple, I always have been. There are worse things to be....like rude or mean or whatever. I'm a nice round apple, and it's okay, gosh darn it!

  3. Jody, with all of your curves, I knew you would be that sexy Marilyn-type hour glass. Remember when J. was younger and he lamented that they just don't make girls like you anymore? What a compliment.
    Brenda, I agree. It is most important to be beautiful on the inside, this was just kind of a brainless fun thing. I did appreciate the whole point of making your clothes serve you, not beating yourself up for not having that elusive perfect body.