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Monday, July 6, 2009

WOW, where did that come from.

How was your fourth of July everyone? We had a nice time. We ate all American food, enjoyed a little time with friends here, and the kiddos watched lots of TV. The General is a history buff, so he was thrilled to watch the piece The History Channel had on the Revolutionary War. He learned a few new things, and gained some insight into the fact that the world is not black and white. . .gasp, there is GRAY. Then of course there was the cute show on Animal Planet highlighting White House dogs. Who can pass that up?

Why so much TV? Well, it was HOT during the main part of the day. We had been out and about the day before, and let's face it: I am in the middle of rural OK. Not so much to do around here. So we let the kiddos set up a movie theater in our little room and have their friends over. I was actually pretty proud of their ability to make "lemonade". You know, life hands you lemons (AKA a boring July 4th) you make lemonade (AKA theater experience, with concession stand).

We had planned to attend the July 4th festivities, but a storm blew in right about the time we were to set out. With the local fireworks rained out, we thought we'd just catch the PBS fireworks on TV. (I guess we hadn't had enough TV at that point-ha ha!) Well, that is when I had my "WOW, where did that come from experience?"

It turns out the fireworks show was the one from DC. The very show we had the pleasure of enjoying the past 3 years. As they began to show shots from different angles/places, we were all recognizing the land marks. Oh, look it's the white crayon (Washington Monument), hey it's the Lincoln Memorial. . .oh, I hope they show the Jefferson, that one is my favorite. . . Just think right down that way, our friends are on the banks of the Potomac watching this right now.

That is when it happened. The tears started. All at once my "lemonade" cracked. I was in a dumpy two bedroom apartment, alone without my peeps, with no "real" celebration, and no fireworks. I missed Washington, D.C. Which is kind of weird. I really never thought I would cry over that place.

So as I was having my little boo hoo, out of the blue there was a "beep, beep" from my cell phone. A text message from my dear friend, Katy. She was thinking of me, and missing me too. I was no longer "alone" in my little sadness. God had provided me a little gift. He is so good like that. Even in my moments, He holds me tight and reminds me I am loved and cared for. He will always be with me, wherever I roam. He will provide me with all I need. I just need to continue to trust in Him, and be ever so grateful for my abundant blessings.


  1. You are not alone. I was too. And it was harder this year than it has been in the past. We made lemonade, Desi and I, and then caught the fireworks in town in the evening with her dad. I'm glad you got that phone call! amazing how God works.

  2. Yes, God is amazing. I am continually humbled by His unending love and care.
    Do you remember all of those 4th's out at Bear Lake with the family? That was always a highlight of the summer.

  3. The absolute highlight! We never got to do much as kids, so a whole afternoon at the lake with cousins to play with was sheer delight.

  4. You are such a people person, so I know it had to feel lonely. It always amazes me how the Lord always meets us where we are.

    Tell the General I had the history channel on ALL DAY --love the stuff they had on! Bummer that I missed out on the White House mongrels!