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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mountains in Oklahoma??

Surprise, surprise there are mountains in Oklahoma. The Wichita Mountains are actually the oldest range in the United States. Princess and I on top of Mount Scott. The other thing Oklahoma has is plenty of wind, as you can see by the swirling hair.Here my kiddos are in the middle of our friends' daughters. On this day we hiked a trail in the Wichita's National Wildlife Refuge.

Now these mountains are not the steep, shear cliffs of the Rockies. You can see how over time the erosion has worn the rocks down. After seeing the dramatic effects of erosion at the Grand Canyon, it is interesting to think how long these mountains have been here. In the Grand Canyon and Zion the rocks are sandstone, which isn't very hard. Here in the Wichita's the rocks are quartz and granite, by far the harder stone.

I think this has been my favorite thing this summer. Exposing my children (and myself) to the vastness of our country. Discussing the differences of the geography, and how people live. It is so neat to be able to point out lessons we've learned along the way.

Just a little Cliffy post for you today.


  1. Awesome photos, T. We lived there for five years and never did that hike. Silly, right?
    Hope I get to see you next week.

  2. Isn't that how it is when you live somewhere? You get busy doing the day to day stuff, and never get the time to check out some of the hidden treasures. That is how I felt when we left WA state back in 2004. I'm so glad we are getting the opportunity to go back and explore.
    Yes, we will see you. I'm excited. It has been TOO long since our paths last crossed.

  3. You need to pen name your self Cliffy! So pretty, makes me want to visit OK--but in the fall. Weather man said 103* today--OH BABY THATS HOT! 71* here today.