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Monday, March 15, 2010

Bubby on human anatomy.

The other night Bubby & I were taking a quick shower before bed. I'm not sure how it happens but there seems to be a time warp at my house. Does anyone else have this problem? One minute it is around 4:30PM, and I'm thinking about what we should have for dinner. Before I know it, it is 8:30 or 9PM and I'm saying, "Oh crap, I've gotta get this little man in bed!" Which is how we both came to be in the shower at the same time.
While I was quickly shampooing our hair, Bubby starts walking around me in circles. He then looks up and innocently declares, "Mommy, I think something of yours fell off."


  1. Oh, my goodness! That is hilarious!!!!

  2. What a chuckle, boy is so good for a laugh!

  3. blink blink....guffaw!

  4. SNORT!!! Hahahahahahahah!!! THAT one is priceless!!!