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Monday, March 29, 2010

The General on Nutrition

Trying to get my oldest child to eat healthy has been a challenge, just about his whole life. He started out so promising, gobbling up the Lima beans, asparagus, broccoli, or whatever healthy veggie we placed before him. Around 18 months, the tides changed. We have battled for years. I've tried every trick in the book, and am now resigned to continued nonchalant education.
So the other day The General and I are eating lunch, and I go into my nonchalant education mode.
Me: "Hey, did you know you can tell if you are getting good nutrition by looking at the colors of the food on your plate?"
The General: "Seriously? How?"
Me: "Well, They say you are getting good nutrition if your food is colorful. See my salad? I have green, red, black and purple in here. How about your lunch? Do you think it would cut it?"
The General: "Hmmm. . .well, I have white-tortilla, brown--peanut butter, and gold--honey. Hey, give me some Cheetos, then I'd have orange."

Smarty pants!


  1. I am with the General. Throw in some green Lifesavers and you have a balanced diet. LOL

  2. Desirae is the same way. She ate so healthy as a baby. Then she got this thing about green. She would not even eat green fruits. I'm at my wits end. Cheetos are among her favorites as well. (mine too, but I know better).

  3. Mary,
    He doesn't need anymore encouragement in this department Mary!

    I've been told it has something to do with taste buds and sensitivity. I think my kiddos should just be glad I'm not serving up liver and onions on a regular basis! Now that was gross food.

  4. So, did you give him the Cheetos? :)

  5. He is a riot. Squash is orange. I make a squash soup that is sweet, give that a whirl.

  6. ABM-no Cheetos for The General. He was on his way out to play street hockey, so he barely had time to eat his "healthy" snack as it was.

    Jody-Have you posted that recipe ever, or do I need to call and get it?