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Monday, March 8, 2010

Words of Wisdom. . .


The other day The General and I were having a little follow up discussion about the "Purity" talk at his church youth group. When we first started having these "talks", I was very uncomfortable. In fact, I was a little put out that I was even doing any talking in this area. He is a boy after all. Isn't it the job of Mr. Nomad to chat on these matters?
Enter reality. I'm with the children 95% of the time. Most chats are not choreographed, rather they just happen. When you are the one who "happens" to be home all day, you get the surprise chats. Which it turns out, God has given me the grace to handle. In fact, I feel really good we have been able to foster an open relationship with The General. (Okay, so he is a chatterbox like me. I'm not so great, he is. Princess may be a whole other matter. She is much more quiet and reserved like her daddy. . .time will tell.)
As we were talking, I wanted to make sure things were being laid out in a biblical manner. But even more importantly then that, I wanted to make sure he wasn't hearing about this topic and being shamed. Or that he wouldn't feel shameful in the future.
So I started explaining how we can't control what thoughts come into our heads, but we can control our reactions to them. Seriously, what young man doesn't notice girls? I don't want him to feel shamed because of a natural response, but rather help learn to him train himself into appropriate responses. Seeing a pretty girl may bring about, "Hmmm. . .she's pretty"--acceptable. "Nice knockers"--not acceptable. (Don't laugh. As a child I heard all about the knockers in this world. I want better for my boys, and my girl. )
Here is where the wisdom comes in:
The General says, "So our brain is like a computer?"
"What do you mean?" I replied.
"Our brain is like the inter net. Sometimes you just get pop ups. You don't ask for the pop up, it just comes up on our screen. Then you have to make the choice to X it out," my boy wisely explained.
That is exactly it. Impure thoughts may just "pop up", which doesn't make you bad or sinful. Rather it is the follow up which can cause us to sin. Do we quickly X out the impurity, the jealousy, the unkindness, etc. . . Or, do we act on those thoughts in a sinful manner?
Once again I am reminded I did not become a mother to impart my wisdom on this world, rather God uses these precious blessings to raise me.
I hope my blessings may be helpful to some of you, as we journey through this life together.


  1. Out of the mouths of babes! I have always told you he was a boy genius...point proven! This is a kindly reminder to me to be X'n pop ups...so many areas...
    It does humble one when we are taught a godly lesson when we are working on teaching lessons.

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  3. What a smart boy!

    I did "the talks" with my older sons, too... for the same reason: I was there (as was usual) when they needed to happen.

  4. Very good lesson. You are such a great mom, Tami. I had to do those talks too, because his father wouldn't/couldn't.

  5. Jody & BWYA,
    Yes, he is a smart boy. I am so enjoying him. (Which is such a treat. He gave me a serious run for my money in the toddler/preschool days!)
    Thank you. I always wanted to be a mommy. I try really hard to be good at it, but it is lots of work. My mom wasn't able to provide the best example, so by the grace of God we are making it up as we go. Fortunately He has wisely given me wonderful examples to follow.

  6. Tami, you are a God-send! The "talks" are on the horizon for me ad give me great trepidation! Your wisdom makes great sense and is so helpful to me! I feel a little more equipped now!

  7. I'm glad Marti. Nothing that a good glass of wine and a prayer can't help you through. ;)