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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

NEWS FLASH. . .I don't read Chinese or other foreign languages.

Just a little note to those who find it necessary to leave spam comments on my blog. I do not appreciate it.
I do apologize if you were honestly trying to leave me a comment in Chinese praising the wonders of my blog. Desperately wanting me to know there was a deep connection. My writing, my musings have so enthralled you. Maybe you want to make a movie out of my life? I mean PW isn't the only one with a good love story and interesting past.
Alas, somehow I do not believe that to the be case.
You'll notice my comments are hidden. My garbage can to delete said comments went missing. Until I can tidy up. . .no comments.
You have no idea how this pains me. I live for comments. Okay, I'm being a bit dramatic. But your comments really do make me smile!

PS It's not that I don't want to read foreign languages, it is just that it has been awhile since I've studied German. When I'm done homeschooling my children, I'll take up personal development in this area. Until then, please stick to English. I honestly don't mean to be a rude American.

YIPPEE!! My garbage cans magically appeared, so comments are ON!


  1. Entschuldigen Sie mich. Ich kommentiere nicht auf Deutsch.

    JUST KIDDING (it basically says, "Pardon me. I will not comment in German" for those who don't know any German! I won't say it's quite right, but it must be close. I don't remember much these days. ;) )

    Seriously, those comments are a pain. My spam filter at wordpress actually does a good job with 99% of those. In almost 3 years, it's caught 7,000 spam comments (though most were in English) and for the rest, well, that's why I moderate comments.

    It has to be a human or a good, new program because you use word verification? right? (I'm about to find out!) Can you block IP's? not that it works perfectly, but maybe it's a start. I hope they leave you alone.

  2. Now I don't mean to be boastful, but I actually remembered that tad bit of German. Yeah me! So I guess I should rephrase to, "only elementary German is understood in the foreign language department."
    I do use the word verification. I thought about moderating, but I love it when people dialogue. Okay, what are IP's?

  3. I promise not to leave a comment in Chinese :)

    An IP is a number that identifies you with your computer. They don't show up today as often as they used to.

  4. I would LOVE to leave comments in Chinese! That would totally rock since I am Chinese. Sadly, I don't know enough Chinese to do that. Heck, I don't even know enough Chinese to order at a Chinese Restaurant. Fortunately, I can say, "I'll take combo #7." In English of course...

  5. Brenda,
    Thank you. I appreciate that!

    I wish your parents had taught you Chinese too! Then you could enlighten me when people leave those comments. I'd know if they were saying, "hey!" or other things that may not be so wholesome for a family blog such as this.

  6. Tami, I think alot of the spam maybe computer generated from people who have something they are trying to sell...not too sure on the all the technical side. I get a lot of spam trying to sell drugs, particularly the variety that males may find helpful (wink, wink) lol.

    Spam is like flies... totally annoying, but never go away ;) I hope you manage to keep them out. Do you have an akismet account? I have one of those on my blog, and it catches absolutely everything! http://akismet.com/