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Friday, February 6, 2009

Back in the hospital :(

This is a picture of my neices. They're all twins. The big girls are 8, and the babies are 2 now. My sister was able to carry the chicks (big girls) to term with no complications. It was a whole other story with the chicklets. They were delivered at 24 weeks, weighing in at 1lb. 8 oz. and 1lb. 9oz. They were considered micro-premies, so it was a very long road to get them home from the hospital. They were born in early November, and P. was hospitalized until mid May. E. didn't get to come home from the hospital until the end of July that year. It is truly a miracle we are still blessed with them today.

Here we are over 2 years later. . .many doctor appointments, hospital stays and medical interventions later and they are back in the hospital. This time they both have pneumonia. My heart is going out to my sister, who has traveled such a grueling road these past two years. These are the times being in the military is not so fun. Your family needs you, and you can't just hop in the car and run home. When you live half way across the country it is neither logistically or financially feasible to get back to help.

As I sit here I am reminded of the one thing I can do, PRAY. So I ask you to please join me by adding my sister's family to your prayer list today. May God heal the chicklets little lungs, and give them rest. May He hold the rest of the family close in this difficult time.

Thank you.

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